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Dear Western clowns: We explicitly condemn Putin's invasion of Ukraine - Now what?

by system failure
In the blink of an eye, the whole Western info arsenal mobilized to condemn Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Something we've never seen before in previous wars (since at least the fall of the Soviet Union). From the first moment, the various anchors and pundits of the Western propaganda machine almost demanded, (at least from their Western audiences), to unquestionably side with the explicit condemnation of the invasion. 
The anti-Russia hysteria reached new record levels after the invasion. The scale of the Western media psy-ops towards a status of absolute obedience by the Western audiences to this hysteria, is remarkably unprecedented. Whoever hesitated from the beginning to declare explicit condemnation of the invasion with no "ifs" and "buts", was immediately painted as Putin's apologist.  
The level of anti-Russia hysteria, in some cases, is really mind-blowing. In an unprecedented action, the "democratic" West suspended the broadcasting activity of Sputnik and Russia Today in the Western countries. And if you are located in a Western country, you won't be able to see RT's and Sputnik's websites, also suspended from YouTube and some of the biggest social media platforms.
As very aptly described by The Real News Network, "From the moment Russian troops invaded Ukraine the entire corporate media apparatus in the US moved to 24-7 coverage, filling airwaves with talking heads relentlessly beating the drums of war. Combined with Big Tech’s sophisticated means for silencing and punishing dissenting voices, the increasingly hostile and propaganda-filled discourse that is taking shape today is eerily reminiscent of the “Russiagate” fervor and the cultural hysteria that permeated the post-9/11 years.

Βut why such an anxiety? Isn't an invasion of another country de facto illegal and by definition condemnable according to the international law? Apparently not. And guess whose fault is that. Definitely not Russia's and not Putin's.
Forget that the US, followed by its Western allies conducted absolutely devastating wars, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union, in the name of "human rights" and "democracy". NATO's "humanitarian" bombs destroyed Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan to the point that after all these years, those countries remain "failed states" and still struggling to recover and reach some level of "normality". 
Forget Yugoslavia and NATO's role in the violent breakup of that European country. Just as the Western media propagandists want, as they ridiculously claim that the war in Ukraine is the first in European soil since WWII. It seems as if these clowns believe that all people were born after 2000, or that they are all stupid and have no memory.
And if you don't want to dive deeper into the past, forget the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey, a NATO member, in 1974. An invasion which was actually green-lighted by the US, at the time when a US-supported military junta had seized power in Greece. What the West really did for almost fifty years to reverse the de facto illegal invasion? Absolutely nothing.
And forget Palestine, where, for decades, the Israeli Apartheid state committed endless crimes against Palestinians. And after all these crimes, until today, the "civilized" West continues to look the other way. Not to mention Yemen, where the Saudis commit horrible war crimes against civilians with the support of their US and UK allies, as we speak.
Don't even mention the brutal US sanctions against numerous countries, which can be considered an act of war. Like, for example, against Venezuela, which has been targeted and suffered by these sanctions and by US regime change operations for years because of its rich oil deposits. Well, it seems that the US hypocrites are turning now to the Maduro "regime" to secure oil supplies, as a consequence of the sanctions against Russia.
Don't even mention Cuba's brutal blockade for decades. Or, the fact that even before the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 (based on lies), which destroyed the country, the US war criminal, Madeleine Albright, cynically stated that the death of 500,000 Iraqi children, as a consequence of the US sanctions, was "worth it".

And don't even mention that the "free" and "democratic" West has imprisoned the top journalist of our times, Julian Assange, in a high security prison with no charges for more than 2.5 years (so far) because he exposed US war crimes and the illegal massive surveillance of US citizens by the CIA.

And, of course, pretend that nothing terrible happened in Ukraine before the Russian invasion. Forget that, for eight years, the NATO criminals and the "free" and "democratic" West, were provoking Russia by arming and training the far-right and neo-nazi militia groups who also infiltrated in the Ukrainian army and operate in East Ukraine against Russian populations. Which is something similar with what happened in the long-suffering Syria by the US proxy war against Assad. Only there, the US imperialists armed and trained some so-called "moderate rebels", with most of the arms ending in the hands of ISIS islamofascists who spread chaos and destruction.

So, in other words, forget all the disaster and unimaginable cost in human lives and suffering produced by these US, NATO and West's "humanitarian interventions". We have only one question to ask: how many of these (and many more) were carried out against the international law and UN rule? And no, this is not Whataboutism. 
Because, dear Western hypocritical clowns, yes, we explicitly condemn Putin's invasion of Ukraine. But tell us now: who is going to make sure that the international law will be restored, implemented and never violated again by no one? Perhaps an alien race from outer space? Because you, definitely don't have the credibility and the legitimacy to do it.


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