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US-backed counter-revolution coup against Cuba blatantly fails

Since at least early 2018, the US imperialists were setting the stage for another coup against Cuba in the form of a "color revolution". 

As reported back then:
The US State Department announced a new program called 'The Cuba Internet Task Force'. The Task Force will consist of the US government and non-governmental representatives to "promote the free and unregulated flow of information in Cuba". It is part of the National Security Presidential Memorandum of "strengthening the policy of the United States toward Cuba", that was issued by President Trump in June 2017.
This policy seeks "advancing Cuban human rights; encouraging the growth of a Cuban private sector independent of government control; enforcing final orders of removal against Cuban nationals in the United States".

The US has sought to overthrow the Cuban government ever since the 1959 revolution. This is not the first time the US has attempted to use social media to agitate for regime change. In 2010, the Obama administration attempted and failed to stir unrest in Cuba through a fake Twitter-like text message service.

Three years later, the conditions were suitable for a "soft coup" by the US empire. As has been reported early in the year:

Over the years, there have been several attempts to conduct a soft coup against the Cuban Revolution. In November 2020, a small group of people who think they are freedom fighters barricaded themselves into a house in the San Isidro neighborhood in Old Havana. Legitimate issues got swept into what appeared to be another attempted soft coup: a dialogue between artists and cultural institutions, political opportunism, the pandemic, and a deepening economic crisis worsened by the new round of unilateral measures imposed by the outgoing Trump administration (which include blocked remittances, more financial sanctions, and persecution of oil tankers).

Despite the attempts to destabilize life in Cuba, the collective networks and the Cuban state have managed to provide services and retain a high level of social cohesion. It did not take long for the San Isidro feint to fall apart without causing any damage or anyone getting hurt.

Tracey Eaton, a Florida-based journalist, has documented that the U.S. government has spent between $20 million and $45 million per year since 1996, when it began to financially support groups to provoke a “regime change in Cuba”; this money—more than $500 million—was provided under Section 109 of the Helms-Burton Act of 1996. There is no public information on how much has been spent on covert operations, or specifically on the San Isidro plot.
During the Trump era, the U.S. government created a web of hundreds of digital media outlets, mainly headquartered in Miami, to spread disinformation about Cuba. The objective of this web is to provide an echo chamber, to amplify toxic information about events on the island and to project the objective of the U.S. government as something that emerges from Cubans themselves. This is part of the Fourth Generation War, Unconventional War or Hybrid War, which is the sophisticated form of warfare used by the U.S. government to create psychological and cultural chaos and drive Washington’s agenda into a scorched-earth landscape of politics.
Think tanks in the United States that otherwise egg on these sorts of incidents and episodes nonetheless know that they have little impact on the island. On December 22, 2020, the Inter-American Dialogue, while referring to MSI, said that “the Cuban government is not close to ‘collapsing’ and ‘falling’, and it would be a serious mistake to underestimate its capacity to mobilize to face the crisis.” Faced with these events, the government has reacted as a compact body, without showing public fissures. It also recommended that Biden stay away from Trump’s tactics and noted that the Cuban government will not engage in “dialogue with a gun to the head.”
The San Isidro events provide another example of the U.S. government’s attempt to create a soft coup. Meanwhile, inside Cuba, there is another reality, one that the world does not see. This is a reality that says that Cuba will not succumb to this pressure and that will not allow the hatred from Washington to succeed; it will always fail.
It seems that, despite the warnings, Biden administration didn't bother to interrupt these dirty, unsuccessful color revolution-style operations against Cuba. Which shows that either Biden and his cabinet remain hardcore, warmongering neoliberals, or that the US deep state still operates independently, or a little bit of both.
Considering that the State Department essentially announced a counter-revolution coup against Cuba in advance on early November, there is little doubt about Biden's intentions and strategy. Which is, of course, the same dirty strategy that has failed all previous years. 
Indeed, this new attempt by the US imperialists on November 15th against Cuba failed again. Despite months of build up in the US media, expected protests in Cuba were nearly non-existent.

Johana Tablada de la Torre, Cuba’s Deputy Director of US Affairs, explained to BreakThrough News what happened and why more Cuban people continue to defend their government in the face of a US blockade and very difficult economic circumstances:

As we predicted one day before the attempted US-backed coup, this new attempt by the US imperialists to crush the Socialist Revolution in Cuba in order to establish a US puppet in power will likely fail. As it failed in Venezuela and Bolivia. And that's because, as in Venezuela and Bolivia, the overwhelming majority of the Cuban people supports the Revolution.


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