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Neoliberal fascists continue the purge of the real Left and give us a small taste of what will happen under a Biden presidency

At about the time we were writing the article The time has come for neoliberalism to expose its true nature as a kind of refined fascism, the neoliberal regime did everything it could to justify us. 

As the liberal elites proceed with the establishment of an increasingly authoritarian system to protect neoliberal order, the purge of real Leftists from key positions should be expected and considered almost certain.
Latest victims of the purge are two important figures in politics and journalism: Jeremy Corbyn and Glenn Greenwald. 
The level of neoliberal Blairite evilness in the Labour Party hit a new record. In an unprecedented move, the new leadership decided to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. In a fascistic manner, the Blairite faction wasted no time and took advantage of the EHRC report to do what it had in mind in the first place: get rid of the party's Leftist faction once and for all.
And all this, despite the fact that Corbyn repeatedly appeared to be quite apologetic on the highly exaggerated problem of "Antisemitism" in his party. His crimes? Promoting a Socialist agenda for the benefit of the majority of the British people and supporting Palestinians against Israeli crimes. Well, these were enough to unite the ruthless neoliberal Blairites and the hardcore Zionists against him.
Concerning Glenn Greenwald, we were honestly thinking that it was a matter of time to be kicked out of The Intercept, despite the fact that he was one of its founders. Greenwald was forced to resign after a refusal by the editors of The Intercept to publish his article exploring corruption in the Biden campaign, a few days before the US general election. Yet, this was only the final spark that blew up Greenwald's connection with The Intercept. It was inevitable for Greenwald to become the "black sheep" inside this crypto-establishment liberal tool.
As the Mintpress News reported

Greenwald’s contract stipulates he has virtually complete editorial freedom and control over his own content, but he revealed that he felt like the outlet had slowly become a bulwark of the establishment, mindlessly repeating the same liberal talking points, rather than challenging them. “The pathologies, illiberalism, and repressive mentality that led to the bizarre spectacle of my being censored by my own media outlet are ones that are by no means unique to The Intercept,” he wrote.


The 53-year-old former attorney said he found himself in the position of somehow being silenced from expressing himself days before an election because of the views of “random editors in New York” who wished him to conform to the Democratic Party line.


The financial backing for the outlet [The Intercept] comes from tech billionaire and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. With a net worth of over $17 billion, the French-born tycoon has ample cash to fund a myriad of think tanks and initiatives, all with a neoliberal interventionist outlook, many of whom have direct links to Washington and its agenda of regime change around the world. This has included using The Intercept as a vehicle to publish fawning depictions of the White Helmets in Syria. The result of this, according to Alex Rubenstein and Max Blumental, is that Omidyar is conducting “global information war” and shaping the media landscape in his interests. Thus, while The Intercept may appear radical, it does not challenge the power and interests of its own backer.

A staunch Democrat, Omidyar gave hefty donations to anti-Trump super-PACs, while The Intercept began to turn on Wikileaks, attacking the organization for supposedly being a Trump conduit. At the same time, it continues to refuse to publish its own Snowden archive, last year announcing it would shut down the project with fewer than 10 percent of the documents made available to the public.

Greenwald appears to have become seen as quite a problem for the outlet, his skepticism on RussiaGate clashing horribly with establishment Democratic opinion. As Greenwald continued to undermine the mainstream narrative of widespread Russian interference in the 2016 election, Omidyar hired noted Russia hawk James Risen as “Senior National Security Correspondent” to offer essentially the opposite opinion in its pages. Investigating suggests Risen was paid around $16,000 per article written.

This latest incident only adds fuel to the fire that the outlet has become a mainstream, Democrat-aligned organization. As journalist Matt Taibbi noted, “The Intercept uncritically took dictation from John Brennan, Jim Clapper, and Michael Hayden, and killed a piece by their Pulitzer-winning founder because it was critical of the probable next president.
These events give us a pretty good idea of what we should expect under a Biden presidency apart from fully reviving the disastrous neoliberal norm. In short, we should expect a purge of any Leftist remnants inside the Democratic Party by Biden's corporate neoliberal fascists. Or, make progressives fully comply with the neoliberal agenda in the best case.
As we wrote recently, with a potential Biden victory the corporate Dems will re-establish their position in the party against progressives, as they will be able to play the Trump-scare card for four more years. During that time, they will get all the help they want from the liberal media to bury forever the most popular Socialist policies. Simply by claiming that the Trump nightmare could return in 2024. Therefore, they will demand "unity" from all party members under their own terms, in short, under full restoration of the neoliberal status quo.
It would be disastrous for the progressives to comply, hoping that the corporate neoliberals will make the slightest compromise and give something to the American people against the corporate interests they serve. They won't. They've proved over and over again that the only thing that matters for them is to fully restore the neoliberal status quo. And also prevail over their capitalist rivals in the capitalist civil war

The best thing progressives could do, is to push for their agenda against corporate interests, forcing the neoliberal fascists of the Democratic Party to kick them out of the party in a Corbyn-style manner.

And it could be proved actually a brilliant move. Because it will reveal clearly the fascistic nature of the corporate neoliberals to the moderate voters who traditionally vote for the Democrats.

Then, progressives could take advantage of their popularity and join the effort for a third party that will truly serve the American people. They've already proved that they don't need corporate money to get re-elected, after all ...


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