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YouTube algorithm is now directing you towards corporate media propaganda, eliminating independent news competitors

It is remarkable how the independent information, flowing through internet, changed the balance between non-controlled and completely controlled information reaching the average viewer by the mainstream media. Thousands of independent blogs and websites host information, analyses and opinions which normally would have been blocked in case that internet had not been invented yet.

It's true of course that there is a lot of misinformation and propaganda circulated through the internet too, as the mainstream media also participate in the "web war" of information, or, due to other independent sources who have their own secret agenda. But, at least, one has the option to find a different point of view and information, other than that promoted by the "official channels" of the dominant - currently Western - systemic establishment.

This is probably the reason that governments already trying to find ways to control internet and therefore information flow from every source to every receiver.

Indeed, Edward Snowden revealed the extent of cooperation between companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and others, and the intelligence agencies and government. The Defense Department, the CIA, the NSA, and so forth.

A type of information control is now specific algorithms designed to "hide" independent channels of information, directing audiences to the corporate media in platforms like YouTube.

Lately, an increased number of people who run independent YouTube channels reported that are being demonetized. Also, they see the number of viewings and subscribers being reduced significantly.

Indeed, we observed that while the blog subscribed to various independent YouTube channels, when we go to the first page and search specific terms like "Syria", "Venezuela", "Bernie Sanders", "Tulsi Gabbard", etc., the first results give numerous videos from Western mainstream media like MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, BBC, etc. We can hardly find a video from our subscriptions, way below those results.

Note that most of our subscriptions are independent channels that provide alternative information about politics, conflicts, WikiLeaks exposures, etc.

Also, it seems that this effort to purge independent sources does not separate channels promoting far-right extreme views from channels with leftist views that focus on challenging, for example, pro-war propaganda. As David Doel, host of The Rational National, pointed out:

          YouTube treats bigoted content the same as anti-bigoted content. They rely too much on their algorithm because they don't want to hire more qualified people that could tell the difference between a video that's debunking white supremacy talking points versus a video that's promoting white supremacy. So because both sides of that argument get demonetized, who do you think wins? The side with big financial backers do.

Here is another example of an independent YouTuber who offers alternative information on various issues, contrary to the mainstream media propaganda. A few days ago, Gordon Dimmack made a dramatic announcement through his webpage. Below there is a characteristic part:

For the longest time last year and at the start of this year, my income was gradually increasing along with my channel and subscribers, and I had hoped that by now I would comfortably have my head above water.

However, in the last few months my progress has stalled.

Videos are no longer getting any “secondary pick-up” by the YouTube algorithm. This means that while my subscribers view my videos and enjoy them, with excellent like/dislike ratios and average percentage viewed, they no longer find their way into YouTube recommended videos and get far less “auto-plays.”

My subscriber count has been the same now for several weeks, and my views per day have halved. My video’s exposure to new eyes has been restricted massively.

It is of no coincidence, at least to me, that this constriction of traffic has coincided with me receiving correspondence with Julian Assange.

Honestly, I believe this has had a massive effect.

Not something I can prove, of course, and even if I did I am sure Google would just ignore any complaint or proof, anyway – They did last year when I proved they were funneling traffic to MSNBC, CNN and Fox, doubling the traffic to the MSM channels overnight following their algorithm change in January 2018.

The deck is stacked against independent media. We face increased difficulties every day just trying to get our content in front of people, let alone getting paid for it.

All signs show that we have to deal with a well-organized operation. On the one hand, YouTube algorithm directs audiences to the mainstream media propaganda, in an effort to bound them tightly to the establishment narratives.

On the other hand, independent YouTube channels will be gradually eliminated due to the significant loss of viewers and, therefore, advertising money. People will no longer have access to additional information, which could make them see an issue from a completely different perspective.

Double hit: corporate media will gradually eliminate competitors who offer alternative information in order to be able to brainwash massively the new generations. At the same time, they will take all the money from the advertising pie, which will be growing bigger and bigger as people will continue to abandon traditional forms of information.

We have to keep fighting though. Spread to your friends and other people the list of your independent sources of information. Here is a list of YouTube channels that the blog believes they worth our support:

The Jimmy Dore Show
Secular Talk
The Real News Network
The Rational National
The Last American Vagabond
Democracy At Work
The Humanist Report
Democracy Now!
MCSC Network W/ Niko House
Kim Iversen
Gordon Dimmack
The Grayzone
Status Coup
Jamarl Thomas
The Michael Brooks Show
Graham Elwood
Empire Files


  1. This is ABSOLUTELY true and should scare the Hell out of everyone!! This is a coordinated effort by our government and the media to "control the messaging" and compensate for the lack of broadcast media's influence over the population.


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