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Bernie finally condemns the coup in Bolivia, turns slowly to the right direction towards his progressive allies in Latin America

globinfo freexchange
We already pointed out Bernie Sanders' wrong position on several foreign policy matters, especially concerning Latin America. His latest completely unacceptable response was when a corporate stooge pushed him to admit that Nicolas Maduro is a dictator. Bernie did something even worse. He called the legitimate president of the country a "vicious tyrant". 
Others, like Roger Waters, tried to warn him too. 
Immediately after the coup against the democratically elected President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, many Leftist leaders around the world didn't hesitate to condemn it.
Among them, the newly freed, former Brazilian President and political prisoner, Lula da Silva. In Europe, even moderates, like the former Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, rushed to side with Morales. And Jeremy Corbyn didn't hesitate to do the same, despite that he has a very crucial election ahead and the corporate media seek the slightest excuse to attack him.
And this is only a small…

Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales thanks Mexico for saving his life, pledges to carry on fight despite coup

Bolivia’s ousted socialist president, Evo Morales, has credited Mexico with saving his life, after the country offered him political asylum following his resignation from government.

"I am very grateful to the president and the Mexican people, because he saved my life,” Morales said on Tuesday, after he arrived in Mexico City to claim political asylum. Unaccounted for in recent days, Morales decried the “coup” against him, and recounted how a member of his once-loyal military was offered $50,000 to turn him in to the opposition on Sunday.
Morales was re-elected to the presidency in October, in an election result that opposition leaders called fraudulent. Though he offered to hold fresh elections, protests continued and Morales stepped down on Sunday following a police and military mutiny.

Nevertheless, the socialist leader – who presided over Bolivia through a period of relative stability and economic growth – vowed to remain politically active in exile.

As long as I have life,…

The edge of Democracy: Lula is freed in Brazil in victory for movement to resist Bolsonaro

Democracy Now!
In Brazil, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was freed from prison Friday after 580 days behind bars. Lula’s surprise release came after the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled to end the mandatory imprisonment of people convicted of crimes who are appealing their cases.

He was serving a 12-year sentence over a disputed corruption and money laundering conviction handed down by conservative Judge Sérgio Moro, an ally of current far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and has long maintained his innocence.

Lula has vowed to challenge Bolsonaro in the 2022 elections. At the time of his imprisonment in April 2018, Lula was leading the presidential polls. A new documentary, “The Edge of Democracy,” chronicles the imprisonment of Lula and impeachment of former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. It also looks at the aftermath of the rise of President Jair Bolsonaro — a former military captain who glorifies Brazil’s past military regime, denies the climate crisis an…

China’s gold-backed crypto looming as ‘Pearl Harbor type event’ for US dollar in 2020

There are two economies in the United States, says RT’s Keiser Report, the real economy, where the 99 percent live, and the one-percent economy, where bankers and the corporate elite live.

Consumers are spending and life is going on,” whereas on Wall Street one can see “non-stop interventions, quantitative easing is needed, interest rates were cut again this week for the top one percent,” Stacy Herbert says.

There’s never enough money,” as those from the one percent “want more and more...
According to Max Keiser, there could be “a catastrophic trapdoor opening underneath the US economy.”

When China announces as a surprise its 20,000 tons of gold and a gold-backed cryptocurrency that “will kill the US dollar deader than a doornail,” it will be a “Pearl Harbor-type event and it’s coming in the next six to nine months,” he predicts.

Corbyn brands cyber attack as ‘suspicious’ after UK Labour Party’s digital systems targeted during election campaign

Jeremy Corbyn revealed he’s “suspicious” and has been left feeling “very nervous” after Labour’s digital systems became the victim of a “sophisticated and large-scale cyber attack” in the middle of a general election campaign.

The attack on Labour’s digital platforms took place on Monday, with a party spokesperson saying it had managed to slow down “some of our campaign activities,” but insisted that “no data breach occurred.

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack which took place is designed to flood a computer server with traffic in an attempt to take it offline.
Full report:

Bolivia coup led by Christian fascist paramilitary leader and millionaire – with foreign support

Bolivian coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho is a far-right multi-millionaire who arose from fascist movements in the Santa Cruz region, where the US has encouraged separatism. He has courted support from Colombia, Brazil, and the Venezuelan opposition.
by Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton
Part 1
When Luis Fernando Camacho stormed into Bolivia’s abandoned presidential palace in the hours after President Evo Morales’s sudden November 10 resignation, he revealed to the world a side of the country that stood at stark odds with the plurinational spirit its deposed socialist and Indigenous leader had put forward.

With a Bible in one hand and a national flag in the other, Camacho bowed his head in prayer above the presidential seal, fulfilling his vow to purge his country’s Native heritage from government and “return God to the burned palace.

Pachamama will never return to the palace,” he said, referring to the Andean Mother Earth spirit. “Bolivia belongs to Christ.” 
Bolivia’s extreme right-wing…

Τζούλιαν Ασάνζ: Ένας ήρωας της εποχής αργοπεθαίνει στη φυλακή

του Άρη Χατζηστεφάνου

Την εικόνα ενός κράτους-παρία, το οποίο βασανίζει πολιτικούς κρατούμενους οδη­γώντας τους με ακρί­βεια προς το θάνατο, σκιαγράφησε ο ειδικός εμπειρογνώμονας του ΟΗΕ για τα βασανιστήρια, Νιλς Μέλζερ, μόλις έλαβε τις τε­λευταίες ιατρικές εκτιμήσεις για τον έγκλειστο Τζούλιαν Ασάνζ. 
Ο Μέλζερ κατηγόρησε το Λονδίνο ότι αγνοεί προ­κλητικά όλες τις προηγούμενες επείγου­σες προειδοποιήσεις του και σημείωσε «αν ο Ασάνζ δεν απελευθερωθεί άμεσα και δεν λάβει την απαιτούμενη ιατρική φροντίδα, μπορεί να πεθάνει πίσω από τα σίδερα των βρετανικών φυλακών».

Πέρα από την ανθρωπιστική πλευρά της υπόθεσης, η κράτηση του Ασάνζ αποκαλύπτει την ολοκληρωτική κατάρρευση κάθε έννοιας κράτους δικαίου. Κάτι που παρατηρείται όχι μόνο στη Βρετανία και στις ΗΠΑ αλλά και στη γενέτειρα του Ασάνζ, την Αυστραλία, που αφήνει ένα πολίτη της να σιγοσβήνει σε φυλακές ξένου κράτους.
H προειλημμένη απόφαση του βρετανικού κατεστημένου για την έκδοσή του στις ΗΠΑ και η παράνομη πλέον κράτησή του από Βρε…

Οργανισμός Αμερικανικών Κρατών: Στην υπηρεσία της Ουάσινγκτον

του Ανδρέα Κοσιάρη
Ο Οργανισμός Αμερικανικών Κρατών, που εξέδωσε την έκθεση για την εκλογική αναμέτρηση στη Βολιβία, η οποία «δικαιολόγησε» το πραξικόπημα εναντίον του Έβο Μοράλες, είναι στη θεωρία ένας ουδέτερος οργανισμός κρατών. Στην πραγματικότητα όμως έχει μακρά ιστορία υποστήριξης των επεμβάσεων των ΗΠΑ στη Λατινική Αμερική, και σήμερα χρηματοδοτείται κατά πλειοψηφία από τα ταμεία του αμερικανικού κράτους. 
Παρά την ίδρυσή του το 1948 με σκοπό την «προώθηση της ειρήνης και τη διευθέτηση διαφωνιών μεταξύ των κρατών-μελών», ήταν μάλλον από την αρχή όργανο της αντικομμουνιστικής εξωτερικής πολιτικής των ΗΠΑ.

Ο ΟΑΚ υπήρξε σιωπηλός ή και στήριξε όλες ανεξαιρέτως τις αμερικανικές επεμβάσεις στη Λατινική Αμερική, είτε αυτές λάμβαναν τη μορφή εισβολής, όπως στην Κούβα το 1961, είτε τη μορφή στήριξης σε πραξικοπήματα και δικτατορικά καθεστώτα, όπως στη Χιλή το 1973 (και στην Αργεντινή, τη Βολιβία, τη Γουατεμάλα, τη Νικαράγουα, την Αϊτή, τον Παναμά, τη Βραζιλία, την Παραγουάη και τον Ισημ…

We stand against the coup in Bolivia

Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad denounce the escalation of the coup attempt against democratically elected President Evo Morales
In response to the escalation of the coup attempt by the Bolivian right-wing opposition against the democratically elected government of Evo Morales, intellectuals Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad have joined people across the world in saying “The world is with Evo” (#ElMundoConEvo) and decrying the ongoing coup efforts.

Below is the statement:
In Bolivia, a coup d’état is brewing against the elected government led by Evo Morales. Sections of the armed forces – including the police – have openly indicated that they are willing to allow fascistic militia groups to attack the presidential palace in La Paz. This is a very serious situation.

Evo Morales has invited the four major parties to sit down and talk about the way forward for Bolivian democracy. He has asked for the creation of a dialogue to prevent a return to the days of military dictatorships and the rule …

Nos oponemos al golpe

Declaración de Noam Chomsky y Vijay Prashad
En Bolivia se está gestando un golpe de Estado contra el gobierno electo liderado por Evo Morales. Sectores de la policía han dicho abiertamente que están dispuestos a permitir que grupos de milicias fascistas ataquen el palacio presidencial en La Paz. La situación es muy grave.

Evo Morales ha invitado a los cuatro principales partidos a sentarse y conversar sobre el camino a seguir para la democracia boliviana. Ha pedido el establecimiento de un diálogo para evitar el regreso de los días de las dictaduras militares y los gobiernos oligárquicos. Morales ha hecho un llamado a las Naciones Unidas, a la Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA), al Vaticano y a otros más para que contribuyan a encontrar el camino para alejarse del golpe.

El golpe es promovido por la oligarquía boliviana que está enojada por la cuarta elección que sus partidos pierden frente el Movimiento al Socialismo. La oligarquía cuenta con el total apoyo del gobierno de los…

Brazil's ex-President Lula freed, promises to continue fight for justice

The Real News Network
After spending 19 months in jail on a 12-year prison sentence, Brazil's Supreme Court ruled that Lula had to be freed until his appeals are exhausted. Supporters greeted him enthusiastically and Lula promised to fight the unjust case against him and for social justice in Brazil.

Πραξικόπημα στη Βολιβια

Ο πρόεδρος της Βολιβίας Έβο Μοράλες ανακοίνωσε την παραίτηση του ύστερα από την παρέμβαση του αρχηγού γενικού επιτελείου ενόπλων δυνάμεων της χώρας ο οποίος ζήτησε την απομάκρυνσή του.
Σε διάγγελμά του κατήγγειλε στο λαό της Βολιβίας και ολόκληρο τον κόσμο «ένα εν εξελίξει πραξικόπημα. Ένα πραξικόπημα εναντίον μιας δημοκρατικά εκλεγμένης κυβέρνησης… ένα πραξικόπημα εναντίον των κοινωνικών κινημάτων, των εργατών, των πατριωτών και των γηγενών οι οποίοι είχαν οικοδομήσει μια δημοκρατική, πολιτιστική επανάσταση».
Συνεχής ενημέρωση:

Fears for an assassination attempt against Evo Morales

Independent journalist, Ben Norton, tweeted that he has been informed about a possible assassination attempt against the Bolivian president Evo Morales. According to Norton:
          Sources are telling me they are afraid that Bolivia's elected President Evo Morales might be killed tonight in the right-wing coup.

Sources are telling me they are afraid that Bolivia's elected President Evo Morales might be killed tonight in the right-wing coup.

This is a full-fronted imperialist attack on democracy. It is a blatant attempt to recolonize Latin America and overthrow all efforts at progress. — Ben Norton (@BenjaminNorton) November 10, 2019

EU giving cover to the military coup that just took place in Bolivia. Neither the EU nor the US support democracy. The people of Bolivia already expressed their “democratic will” by re-electing Evo Morales. A right wing US-backed coup stole that from them, this is disgusting— Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek)…

Bolivia: smells like another typical CIA-designed coup attempt

Bolivian leader Evo Morales promised to hold a new election in order to uphold peace and security across the country after the Organization of American States (OAS) mission failed to confirm his win last month.

I made a decision… to call for a new general election that would allow people to democratically choose the authorities,” Morales announced on Sunday. The plebiscite is set to include a new round of voting for the president, the vice president, and the members of both chambers of Parliament. In his address, Morales also promised to completely replace the members of the nation’s election commission.

After the snap election was announced, the Bolivian opposition demanded that Morales resign altogether. The president, however, firmly rejected this call, branding it a coup attempt in the making.

They demand that I resign, this is an attempted coup .... This is unconstitutional and illegal. I have a constitutional mandate that lasts until January next year,” Morales told teleSUR.

'The Pinochet dictatorship never ended': Inside Chile's mass uprising against neoliberalism

Moderate Rebels
Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal speak with journalist Alina Duarte, who is in Chile reporting on the enormous protests against right-wing billionaire oligarch President Sebastián Piñera. We discuss his neoliberal capitalist policies, growing poverty and inequality, the brutally violent police and military repression of the demonstrations, the regional implications, and the historical echoes of the Pinochet dictatorship.

Lula is Free!

Lula was detained for 580 days, the result of a judicial process riddled with irregularities.

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was released on Friday, one day after Brazil's Supreme Court decided to end the mandatory imprisonment of convicted criminals after they lose their first appeal.

Curitiba Judge Danilo Perreira Jr. ordered his release after Lula's defense lawyer Cristiano Zanin met with him this Friday afternoon and submitted a request for immediate release.

"Lula has not committed any crime and is a victim of the law, which, in the case of the former president, is the strategic use of the law for the purpose of political persecution," emphasized his lawyers. 

Mainstream media pro-Johnson propaganda gets into full swing

by Craig Murray
We are now under election broadcasting rules.

Ian Austin left the Labour Party nine months ago. He was then appointed by the Tories as Prime Ministerial Trade Envoy to Israel. As of yesterday, he is neither a MP nor a candidate for election. He is a minor politician who achieved only the most junior ministerial rank, PUSS, and for only seven months. He is best known for heckling Jeremy Corbyn while Jeremy Corbyn was delivering the official Labour response to the Chilcot Report on the illegal invasion of Iraq, shouting “Sit down and shut up” and “You stupid disgrace” at Corbyn for criticising the war.
We are now under election broadcasting rules. How and why was Ian Austin invited onto the BBC Radio 4 Today programme today? He left the Labour Party six months ago, and has been a huge critic of Corbyn. It is hardly a surprise that the Tory’s Trade Envoy to Israel advises people to vote Tory. So who initiated Ian Austin’s appearance on the BBC Today programme, and why? It…

It's now or never: the first step for a Sanders/Corbyn synchronization in power must be done on 12 December in UK

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the global working class
by system failure
Two years ago, we wondered whether a US government under Bernie Sanders, together with a UK government under Jeremy Corbyn, could mark a decisive victory against neoliberalism. Whether it could mark the beginning of the end of the Reagan/Thatcher awful legacy.

It seems that the time has come for the first step towards this prospect.

The oncoming UK general election on Thursday 12 December 2019, will be the most critical for decades, especially for the global working class. The outcome will determine to a significant degree, whether the capitalist West will change course away from the destructive neoliberalism, towards a form of Democratic Socialism. A new model that will resurrect the social state, while at the same time, will seriously deal with the great environmental challenges, defying big interests and rejecting the for-profit-wars model.

As we already pointed out, the whole Brexit issue is pri…

Bolivia: audios linking civic, ex-military and US in coup plans

Opposition politicians held talks with U.S. senators to destabilize Bolivia and organize a general strike after Evo Morales' victory.

The Radio Education Network of Bolivia (Erbol) leaked 16 audios involving opposition leaders who are calling for a coup d'etat against the government of President Evo Morales, a political action which would have been coordinated from the U.S. embassy in the Andean country.
Among those mentioned in the audios are the U.S. senators Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez and Ted Cruz, who have would maintained contact with the Bolivian opposition in order to achieve a possible regime change in the South American country.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The audios also reveal participation in the political conspiracy of the former prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, who was accused of corruption in 2009 and fled Bolivia to seek asylum in the U.S., where he is currently living.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In their conspiracy talks, Bolivian politicians also mention​​​​​​​ a former Boliv…

Max Blumenthal on Baghdadi's death and Trump's fake withdrawal in Syria

The Grayzone
Max Blumenthal explains how the US-backed proxy war in Syria helped create the al-Qaeda safe haven where US forces killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; and how Trump, despite announcing a withdrawal, is continuing the proxy war by keeping US troops to steal Syria's oil.

UN overwhelmingly votes in favor of resolution ending US blockade against Cuba

In total, 187 countries voted in favor of the U.N. resolution ending the blockade, three against and two countries abstained.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Thursday overwhelming voted in favor of the resolution demanding the ending of the U.S. blockade against Cuba with 187 countries voting in favor, three against while two countries abstained.
The nations still promoting the continuation of the financial, economic and trade blockade are the United States, Israel and Brazil.

For the first time in its diplomatic history, Brazil openly joined the U.S. agenda against the Cuban revolution, which triggered strong criticism against President Jair Bolsonaro in progressive media in Brazil.

"Under the Bolsonaro administration, our Foreign Affairs Ministry acts as a branch of the U.S. Department of State. Nevertheless, even acting as a colony, Brazil has obtained no economic gains, quite the opposite," local outlet Brasil 247 commented.
"The Brazilian position is…

Pink Tide against US domination rising again in Latin America

by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
Part 4 - Caribbean Resistance
In the Caribbean, Cuba is challenged by the US economic war but continues its revolution. Mass protests in Haiti threaten the survival of the government and Puerto Rico’s revolt removed a governor.

Cuba, despite the increasing US economic war, continues to be a bulwark against US imperialism, standing with governments like Venezuela and Nicaragua when they are under attack. Cuba completed a successful transition to a new president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and voted on a new constitution developed using a participatory process involving 9 million people through 133,000 citizen meetings. The constitution includes “universal and free health, education, sports and recreation, culture and respect for human dignity.” Cuba is currently facing major economic challenges as the US is blocking their access to oil. Russia and Venezuela are helping Cuba overcome this oil blockade.

Haiti has been in protest since April calling for an end t…

Under digital surveillance: how American schools spy on millions of kids

Fueled by fears of school shootings, the market has grown rapidly for technologies that monitor students through official school emails and chats
by Lois Beckett

Part 6 - Drawing the line

While parents are often “grateful” for the information that comes from an intervention, Buck, the Missouri principal, said, students can be “a little bit upset sometimes. They feel like there’s a little bit of that privacy issue. But over the course of time they see we’re really trying to help, especially when we’re talking about the issue of self-harm.

Some school surveillance companies defended their products as more sensitive to students’ privacy than their competitors – or the students’ own parents.

Some parents want technology that will give them an exact record of every single text, every single email,” Jordan, Bark’s chief parenting officer, said. But Bark does not offer that, she said: “We only alert parents and schools when there is a real issue that they need to know about.

For Gaggle, Mc…

Ήττα του νεοφιλελευθερισμού στην Αργεντινή

Η επόμενη μέρα στην Αργεντινή είναι άγνωστη. Αυτό που είναι περισσότερο από βέβαιο όμως είναι το εκλογικό αποτέλεσμα στη χώρα που γέννησε τον Τσε, το οποίο απ’ όποια σκοπιά κι αν το δεις βγάζει ένα και μοναδικό πολιτικό συμπέρασμα: Μαζική απόρριψη του νεοφιλελευθερισμού! Οι Αργεντίνοι απέρριψαν ένα πολιτικό πρόγραμμα που εξυμνούσε την ιδιωτική πρωτοβουλία και το λιγότερο (κοινωνικό) κράτος για να φέρει φτώχεια και ανεργία!

Ο ίδιος ο πρώην πρόεδρος της Αργεντινής Μαουρίτσιο Μάκρι που έχασε πανηγυρικά στις εκλογές της Κυριακής 26 Οκτωβρίου, όπως είχε με ασφάλεια προαναγγελθεί στις εκλογές του Αυγούστου όταν έχασε με 16 μονάδες διαφορά, περιέγραφε ως εξής σε συνέντευξή του την αργεντίνικη εκδοχή του «κράτους νυχτοφύλακα», χρησιμοποιώντας ποδοσφαιρικούς όρους: «Αυτό που έχεις να κάνεις είναι να κόψεις το γρασίδι, να χαράξεις τις γραμμές και να αφήσεις τον κόσμο να παίξει». 
Το γρασίδι που ήθελε κόψιμο ήταν οι κρατικές επιδοτήσεις σε καύσιμα, εισιτήρια στα Μέσα Μαζικής Μ…

Julian Assange's extradition process is 'a charade'

The Real News Network
Filmmaker John Pilger attended Julian Assange's last court hearing and observed not only that Assange is visibly suffering from prison mistreatment, but his defense is not being given a fair chance to make its case against his extradition to the US.

Protesters in Chile have been 'murdered, tortured, and disappeared'

The Real News Network
Chile's President Piñera says foreign intervention and a conspiracy are behind the recent protests. But protesters say what's happening is an explosion of long-contained rage against poverty, inequality, and oppression.

The actors in the US imperialism virtual reality

The Dissembler-in-Chief took to Twitter this past weekend to let the world know that "Something very big has just happened!" We now know that that something was a daring special forces raid that ended in the death of Osama bin Laden! . . . Or is that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? Or maybe Abu Omar al-Baghdadi? No, no, it was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi! Honest! We took DNA evidence before we threw him in the sea! 

Super-rich prepare to leave UK 'within minutes' if Labour wins election

The super-rich are preparing to immediately leave the UK if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister, fearing they will lose billions of pounds if the Labour leader does “go after” the wealthy elite with new taxes, possible capital controls and a clampdown on private schools.

Lawyers and accountants for the UK’s richest families said they had been deluged with calls from millionaire and billionaire clients asking for help and advice on moving countries, shifting their fortunes offshore and making early gifts to their children to avoid the Labour leader’s threat to tax all inheritances above £125,000.

The advisers said a Corbyn-led government was viewed as a far greater threat to the wealth and quality of life of the richest 1% than a hard Brexit.

Geoffrey Todd, a partner at the law firm Boodle Hatfield, said many of his clients had already put plans in place to transfer their wealth out of the country within minutes if Corbyn is elected.
On Thursday, Corbyn singled out five members …

Slavoj Zizek: we may be entering an era of widespread civil unrest

Anti-establishment protests are popping up all over the world, in countries with different political systems, and various levels of wealth. We may be entering an era of widespread civil unrest.

We already live in a permanent recession in which the Wall Street mafia secretly and continuously is being bailed out with billions by the Fed!

globinfo freexchange
Jimmy Dore and Dylan Ratigan explain in this video the secret mechanism through which the Fed is permanently bailing out the Wall Street mafia with billions. 
Dore refers to a September article by CNN Business with information that, under normal circumstances, should have made big headlines, generating massive anger.
We were trained not to be surprised by the liquidity injections that the central banks like the Fed and ECB provide to the biggest financial institutions. When at the same time, the real economy, and especially the small-medium business sector is literally struggling to survive in the capitalist West.
Yet, in this case, some additional information reveals something impressive. As Dore highlights from the article: 
                  Until this week, the Fed hadn't launched an operation like this since 2008. [...] Still, the fact the Fed needed to pump $128 billion into the system on successive days shows that a crack has emerged in a seldom-discusse…