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18 July, 2017

Social Democrats' classic turn to save themselves and trick the masses ... again!

The chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), Martin Schulz, made recently a quite surprising statement concerning the German minister of finance, Wolfgang Schauble, and Greece:

          "Schauble is largely responsible for imposing the 13th pension cut. And while thousands of families are plunging ever deeper into poverty, Schauble records at the same time big profits from the interest paid by Greece for aid loans," said the social democrat chancellor Martin Schulz during presentation of his positions in view of September's elections ...

After seven years of orchestrated destruction against Greece by the neoliberal priesthood, suddenly, Martin Schulz decided to adopt what the establishment apparatus could name today as 'populist' rhetoric. Does that gives the signal to the social democrats around Europe to make a turn of 180 degrees? Probably yes, and it could be explained in many ways.

After the collapse of the social democrats in the second eurozone economy, France, and the huge political vacuum created by the unprecedented levels of abstention, the social democrats around Europe start to realize that aligning completely with the neoliberal positions, simply doesn't work.

It is characteristic that in Greece, even if the socialists of PASOK refuse to drop the neoliberal thinking, they start to distance themselves from the other key party of the establishment, New Democracy (once populist, now neoliberal right). They were partners in governing after crisis hit Greece in 2010, but now, it appears that the socialists start to remember some of their old rhetoric.

Why the chief of the European social democrats, Martin Schulz, decided now to send this signal to the rest of his ideological counterparts around Europe?

First reason, and most direct, probably because he doesn't want to have the luck of his counterparts in France, Greece and elsewhere. He knows that sticking so faithfully on the neoliberal 'rationalism' may bring more damage to his party, rather than help it recover.

Second reason, and not so obvious, probably because he took the green light by the establishment to change positions, simply because the neoliberal experiment in Greece is almost completed.

So, now that the elites secured the desirable conditions towards Feudalism 2.0, the social democrats are 'permitted' to wear their socialist mask. It's only another trick. Their mission is to attract the voters who have been disappointed by the neoliberal establishment, especially the most moderate who have chosen to abstain from the electoral process. Therefore, their mission is to restrict the potential of the 'radical' left, and close the dangerous and unpredictable political gap created by the unprecedented figures of abstention.

For seven years now, the socialist hypocrites were watching the destruction of Greece, fully aligned behind the establishment. They were just reproducing the known lies and propaganda to distract people from the real criminals, responsible for the crisis. Therefore, it is very doubtful whether these hypocrites could trick the masses ... again. 

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