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14 July, 2017

China clones first genetically engineered canine

Beijing-based SinoGene biotechnology company said that it had successfully created a cloned beagle puppy named Long Long. The puppy is not only the first clone to be made from a genetically modified dog, but also the first cloned canine.

Sputnik correspondents visited the company's laboratory in order to find out why scientists chose a dog for cloning and spoke with SinoGene Director General Mi Tzidun and his deputy Zhao Jianping.

The cloning process of a genetically engineered dog takes anywhere from two to several months. According to Mi, within one experiment, scientist try to clone 10 dogs, but modification in the genome can occur only in two individuals. At the same time, he stressed that it is not possible to predict the success rate, since there is always a factor of uncertainty. In some cases, the experiment may be completely unsuccessful.

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