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01 June, 2017

The establishment attacks Jeremy Corbyn in full force - imagine what would happen if he was truly radical

As expected, the neoliberal regime exploited Jeremy Corbyn's inability to answer a certain question with specific figures. This temporary weakness became viral and Corbyn was targeted as being more or less unreliable.

As Stephen Bush mentions in his article at NewStatesman: “Jeremy Corbyn has had a tricky encounter with Emma Barnett on Women’s Hour, in which the Labour leader was unable to remember the cost of his flagship childcare policy – for 30 hours of childcare to be made available for free regardless of parental income, benefiting 1.3 million families. [...] the big problem isn’t that the media gives Jeremy Corbyn a tough ride – it’s that the media it gives the right an incredibly easy one. It’s not unreasonable that for Labour to win it needs not only to cost its policy but to brief its candidates well enough that they can explain that policy to voters and its leader in particular.

No big mystery here. In fact, the Conservatives don't even have to try to answer similar questions, exactly because they support budget cuts in the name of fiscal discipline and stability, which, of course, at the end of the tunnel leads to one thing: further tax-cuts for the super-rich.

So, every time a mainstream media pundit asks "how much will it cost?", he/she expresses the agony of the big bosses who don't want to see a reverse situation, away from the dominant neoliberal perception, where the big banks and corporations concentrate more and more money through tax-cuts, layoffs, slaughtered wages and benefits.

And if you want to check how ruthless hypocrites these pundits are, just check their actions next time (probably soon) a Too Big to Fail bank will be rescued again with endless billions at the expense of taxpayers. You see, the banking parasites must be saved at any cost (they pay the media system after all), without question, but poor Jeremy must be 'squeezed' to the end by the banking/corporate puppets, until he confesses that he will get the money from a small slice of the top 1% through an additional taxation, from which 1.3 million families could get some relief.

And then, the pundits will launch a second attack with the classic neoliberal narratives: further taxation will damage the economy, the corporations will leave the country, they will fire people.

If you think about it, the mouthpieces of the plutocrats actually spell direct threats on behalf of them, in case that any government will 'dare' to force them to pay more taxes for the benefit of the society.

So, the establishment continuously attacks Corbyn and labels him "radical" just because he wants to give some relief to the poorest who are drifted by the Tsunami of the neoliberal barbarism. Imagine how would be treated if he was truly radical ...

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