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08 June, 2017

A co-ordinated attack on Jeremy Corbyn by the tabloid press just blew up in their faces

The tabloid press launched a co-ordinated smear campaign on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the morning before polls open in the general election. But this time, they went too far. The smear was so outrageous that it’s triggered a backlash by the British public. The previously untouchable tabloid press is being laughed at across the country.

UK voters woke up on the morning of Wednesday 7 June to a string of headlines which beggar belief.


But the British electorate appear to be taking matters into their own hands, by turning the tabloids into a laughing stock. Users are gathering in their tens and hundreds of thousands to mock the headlines on social media. On Twitter, the hashtag #LastMinuteCorbynSmears was trending on Wednesday morning.


The 18-month-long smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn might well have backfired. Having thrown every accusation at him before the election was called, there was no silver bullet come election time. This attempt to rehash the same tired and misleading claims as a last-ditch effort to save the Conservative campaign is blatant. Too blatant to be seen as anything less craven by the British public. And who knows, this might be the first election in 40 years that was won by people instead of press barons.

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