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04 May, 2017

Macron has just used the same propaganda of terror as the neoliberal establishment does in Greece

During the latest debate with his opponent, Marine Le Pen, in the final round of the French election, the neoliberal candidate, Emmanuel Macron, has used the same propaganda of terror that the neoliberal establishment is using in Greece during the last seven years of destruction by the Troika (ECB, IMF, European Commission) policies, concerning the euro currency.

As Macron argued:

           The farmer who grows apples and who sell in euros, he needs the euro as a common currency. The day you leave the euro, you devalue the new Franc by 20% or 30%. The saver, overnight, will lose 20% or 30% of his savings, will lose value. We are part of the eurozone, whether we like it or not.

It's remarkable how the neoliberal establishment in every single country of the West is using similar narratives to keep the sheeple terrified and force it to retreat against the planning of the elites.

For seven years now, the Greek mainstream media and the political establishment aligned behind similar narratives that Grexit-equals-catastrophe. Well-paid pundits spread terror in almost every day basis when someone dares to speak about national currency as the best solution for Greece to escape from the lunatic euro-prison.

It is also remarkable that all the political parties in the current Greek parliament, either openly support that Grexit is out of question, or, silently avoid to speak about the possibility of a 'national currency' solution. And all these, despite the fact that the complete destruction of the Greek economy came within eurozone!

Therefore, the Rothschild banker and 'sweetheart' of the neoliberal establishment, Emmanuel Macron, will never tell you what his ideological partner, Wolfgang Schäuble, told to Yanis Varoufakis: that euro goes hand in hand with the memorandums, which are the catastrophic agreements signed between Greece and Troika.

Unfortunately, despite that France is not obliged to sign memorandums (at least for the moment), it has already started to adopt the new catastrophic conditions. And guess what: this has become reality under the administration of the 'Socialist' François Hollande, in which Macron occupied a key position!

Yet, probably accidentally, Macron finally told the truth: “We are part of the eurozone, whether we like it or not.” Meaning that we live inside a financial dictatorship as has already been proved.

Macron's narratives and anxiety on a possible Frexit and Schäuble's ultimatum to Greece, show clearly how important factor is the euro-currency for the elites to bring the new Feudalism in Europe. Through cruel austerity, sado-monetarism, further suppression of the middle class, they seek to destroy everything that has been conquered during decades of struggles, in order to declare a definite victory over the 99%.

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