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31 May, 2017

Emmanuel Macron as host of the elites' puppets before his election

Another proof that the former Rothschild banker and current French PM, Emmanuel Macron, is definitely the man of the neoliberal establishment to 'keep things in order', comes from the archive of the Podesta emails through WikiLeaks.

Through a letter on Aug. 27, 2015, Matthew Browne asked John Podesta if he, or someone from Hillary Clinton camp, could attend a meeting hosted by Emmanuel Macron (then French Finance Minister), to "develop a successful political and economic narrative to counter the right and populists to the left".

It's impressive that Browne describes a meeting of two sessions, and one of them was entirely dedicated for the purpose above. It appears the elites are terrorized of what they call 'populism'.

This 'mini-Bilderberg' meeting included some important people from the European establishment, who, according to Browne, "They've asked for help bring some US people over, and are keen to get someone from HRC campaign engaged in possible."

Key parts:

Want to let you know PM Valls is hosting a small roundtable (25-30 people) in Paris on October 16/17. It will begin with a dinner on Friday evening hosted by Emmanuel Macron (French Finance Minister) and the following day there will be two roundtable sessions:

Session one will address the challenges of economic globalization and technological development, and be focused on how progressive respond on policy front. Session two will evaluate how progressives develop a successful political and economic narrative to counter the right and populists to the left.

The confirmed participants list is pretty impressive.

In addition to Valls includes: Magdalena Andersson, Swedish Finance Minister, Christine Antorini, MP and former Danish Minister of Education (in the Cabinet of Helle Thorning-Schmidt), Lodewijk Asscher, deputy prime minister, The Netherlands, Bjarne Corydon, MP and former finance minister of Denmark (in the Cabinet of Helle Thorning-Schmidt), Carlotta De Franceschi, economic adviser to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Dutch finance minister and president of the eurozone finance ministers’ group, Paolo Gentiloni, minister of foreign affairs, Italy, Sandro Gozi, secretary of state, European Affairs, Italy, Mattias Machnig, secretary of state, economy and energy, Germany, Emmanuel Macron, minister of economy, industrial renewal and information technology, France, Peter Mandelson, president of Policy Network, Jean Pisani-Ferry, French government's commissioner-general for policy planning, David Sainsbury, former UK minister for science and innovation and member of the House of Lords, Diederik Samsom, leader of the Dutch Labour Party, Chuka Umunna, UK Shadow Business Secretary, Jeromin Zettelmeyer is Director-General for Economic Policy at the German Ministry of the Economy.

They've asked for help bring some US people over, and are keen to get someone from HRC campaign engaged in possible. Is this something you might consider nominating a strategist or econ policy person to attend, or even attending yourself? Either Policy Network or Jean Jaures could cover travel and accommodation costs. I suspect it will be a long shot, but Thanks for your advice.

It's also impressive the fact that these banking-corporate puppets, who are responsible for the brutal neoliberal policies imposed by their masters (who are destroying entire countries through all kinds of wars), label themselves 'progressives' against 'populists'.

It happens all the time. Establishment servants have their frequent meetings to find ways for keeping people obedient to their masters.

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