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28 April, 2017

Venezuela’s revolutionary women take to the streets for Peace

Venezuelan women's movements are taking to the streets of Caracas on Thursday to show their support of peace and the country’s Bolivarian Revolution amid ongoing internal and outside imperialist threats against the socialist government.

As part of the “Great Mobilization for the Defense of the Motherland/Fatherland, Peace and Life,” a number of women's organizations marched from the Plaza Bolivar to Plaza Bicentenaria outside the presidential palace in the center of the capital.

The women's groups are particularly are concerned about the recent attacks and deaths as a result of ongoing opposition protests intent on removing President Nicolas Maduro from power and plans by opposition politicians to overthrow the government.

The message that we send to all the people of Venezuela today is the call to peace, coexistence and unification of all the people and reject all those who want to harm our country,” said Ingrid Espinoza from the National Union of Women. Many women, old and young were seen dressed in red and holding banners of their social organizations.


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