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05 April, 2017

Schäuble's puppet ostentatiously ignores the European parliament

Eurogroup chairman, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, gave another proof of how much Democracy has been degenerated inside the EU. He literally ignored the call from the European parliament to show up to discuss the Greek crisis, providing a lame excuse.

From Dutchnews :

Dutch finance minister and Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem has come under fire again in the European parliament for refusing to show up to discuss the Greek crisis. French Christian Democrat MEP Alain Lamassoure even went as far as to say Dijsselbloem should be declared ‘persona non grata’ at all EU parliamentary buildings, news agency ANP reported. The MEPs are furious that Dijsselbloem refused to debate the Greek crisis with them, with condemnation coming from across the political spectrum.

Parliamentary chairman Antonio Tajani said he will lodge a ‘formal protest‘ at the snub. ‘Unanimous condemnation by @Europarl_EN against @J_Dijsselbloem for the umpteenth refusal to answer questions on sacrifices made by our citizens,’ Tajani said on Twitter.

Dijsselbloem, who will meet fellow European finance minister’s at the Malta summit on Friday, said he could not attend the debate because of a scheduling conflict.


The row comes as Dijsselbloem has been sounding out member states about the option of staying on at the Eurogroup until next January, even though he will soon lose the finance ministry job. He also came under fire last month for telling the Frankfurther Allgemeine Zeitung that solidarity between EU members involved getting budgets under control. ‘I cannot spend all my money on drink and women and then ask for help,’ Dijsselbloem is quoted as saying.

As the former Greek minister of finance, Yanis Varoufakis, revealed, the real boss in the eurogroup is the German minister of finance, Wolfgang Schäuble. Dijsselbloem is simply Schäuble's puppet. Therefore, we have to assume that Dijsselbloem's provocative response against the European parliament reflects the German stance against the democratic institutions inside the EU.

Despite the intensity of the statements against Dijsselbloem by many members of the European parliament for his totally unacceptable behavior, it appears that no one can move him from his position. Even the EP president, Antonio Tajani, called Dijsselbloemprovocative, insulting and arrogant and said he behaves scandalously towards the EP, southern European countries and women.

Yet, Tajani, restricted in sending a letter of "protest" to the president of eurogroup, as promised to the MEPs.

Obviously, the Brussels-Berlin axis has taken over the EU, driving it away from democratic processes, as the German directorate struggles to impose a model of hard austerity and sado-monetarism throughout eurozone for the benefit of the German big capital, the lobbyists and the bankers. However, Schäuble and his puppets refuse to see that this behavior also drives Europe towards destruction.

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