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20 February, 2017

Varoufakis: Brexit would not had occur if the Europeans would not had crush the Greek government in 2015

Former Greek Minister of Finance with Tsipras Administration, Yanis Varoufakis, gave another interesting interview on Greek TV recently, revealing further interesting details about the Greek situation and the European situation after the crisis, Brexit, refugee issue and the rise of Far Right in Europe.

Among his most interesting remarks was that Brexit would not had occur if the Europeans would not had crush the Greek government in 2015, referring to the open financial coup against Greece when the current PM, Alexis Tsipras, decided to conduct a referendum on the catastrophic measures imposed by the ECB, IMF and the European Commission, through which the Greek people clearly rejected these measures, despite the propaganda of terror inside and outside Greece:

Brexit would not had occur if they [European creditors] would not had crush our government in summer 2015. During the period of pre-referendum process in the UK, before 23th June last summer, me and our movement DM25 were participating that period on the pre-referendum process.

Varoufakis supported this argument saying that he made thirteen speeches in thirteen cities of England, Wales and Scotland, against Brexit. He had thousands of people in the audience. In every place he went, people told him that they agree with most of what he pointed. Yet, the central argument by them was 'how is it possible to vote for the UK to remain in the EU, seeing the way that Brussels and Frankfurt treated Greece?'

Varoufakis' argument is very important because it shows that even if we assume that most of the Britons were not observing carefully what happened to Greece, the totally unacceptable authoritarian behavior of the European creditors against the country was certainly an extra bullet in the gun of the British nationalists and the Far Right to persuade citizens to vote for Brexit.

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