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22 February, 2017

The last big crime of a dying political establishment in Brussels

comment by failed evolution

Finally, the European political establishment voted for CETA, the trade deal between EU and Canada that will mark the definite domination of the corporate multinational cartels against the European people.

As expected, most of the MEPs from the Popular Right and the Socialists, the two political parties that dominated in the European political landscape the last decades, voted for CETA.

These are the representatives of a dying political establishment that wants to take as much as it can from the corporate lobbyists in the Brussels corridors, before leaving like a thief in the night.

These are the pure samples of a corrupted political system that has been completely taken over by the neoliberal doctrine. Despite the financial catastrophe, they convinced themselves that there is only one way: deregulation, privatization and austerity overdose for the masses. Of course, this unexplained, dogmatic persistence becomes instantly explainable once you realize that they have taken some special 'gifts' from their corporate buddies, all the previous years.

Of course, they don't give a damn about the people. And as they know that they are about to collapse, they rush to grab as much as they can, by voting everything that their corporate buddies want.

Unfortunately, the power vacuum will be covered by the Far Right and the nationalists who are taking advantage of the situation. One more time, the Left is unable to 'read the data' and realize that the system needs a total restart to work truly for the people.

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