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15 February, 2017

Greece to choose the lesser of two evils?

This could be translated as an attempt by Greece to bring more of the international banking mafia inside the dead-end Greek huge debt issue, in a desperate last effort to escape the euro lunacy.

As Greece has been left without alternative allies and solutions, the government fears that a heroic exodus from the euro-currency will lead the country to the abyss, as well as the eurozone. This is of course Tsipras' fault who didn't go to the negotiations with the Troika sadists having previously designed a well-organized plan for Grexit according to the country's best interest.

Now, the only option to escape from the euro-prison of austerity, sado-monetarism and neoliberal destruction, is to declare full obedience to the international banking cartels. From RT :

As concerns over Greece and its debt mount, Athens has reportedly decided to call in Rothschild, one of the oldest financial firms in the world, to navigate the country’s long-running creditor stand-off and avert default.

According to the Financial Times, Greek authorities hope to finalize the appointment before crunch debt talks with eurozone finance ministers on February 20. The date has been described as the last chance for a bailout review with the upcoming elections in Europe likely to dominate the EU agenda.

Sources told the FT that Rothschild is expected to advise Athens on all areas connected to its debt, including negotiations with creditors, potential inclusion in the European Central Bank’s €80 billion per month bond-buying program and the resumption of Greek government bond sales.

They added the bank will be paid a bonus when Greece regains access to global debt markets.


The appointment of Rothschild as sovereign debt adviser will require ministerial approval. The bank will thus replace US investment bank Lazard, which worked on Greece’s bailout talks in 2012, and is currently acting as financial adviser to the Greek Ministry of Energy.

An adviser is not being hired to arrange another debt restructuring with private creditors, it is being hired to advise on official debt. It will be a difficult job," said Mitu Gulati, a law professor at Duke University in the US who specializes in the field. “There is always the risk that you can antagonize bilateral creditors when you bring financial advisers in and treat them like private creditors.

It is certain that Tsipras administration will give 'earth and water' to the cartels once and if they manage to pull the country out of euro. Which means, actually, the most valuable assets of public property. Greece will be looted anyway by the Troika, therefore, Tsipras administration probably hopes that with national currency will be able to right-off much of the debt and make a new start, without risking another financial war.

It's an illusion of course because the country sooner or later will become again a hostage of the international banking mafia. The only chance for Greece to save itself, is to create a solid plan for Grexit according to its best interest, write-off debt and return to national currency with the central bank under total public control.

Recall that the country was already hostage of the banking cartels. Now it is ready to bring more of them in the game, hoping that will survive in a balance of terror.


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