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14 February, 2017

DSA wants Democratic Socialism in the US, sees membership spike

Maria Svart of DSA says the US can have a democratic socialist future, but only if we build a movement to challenge both capitalism and racism.

While the US has lost its chance at having arguably its first ever progressive president, Bernie Sanders, one group wants to capitalize on his political revolution and even nourish and support more people like him to infiltrate the Democratic party and fix the Democratic party.

Democratic Socialists of America has seen its membership double over the past few months in part because of Sanders’ reintroduction of socialism into the public eye and also as a reaction to the far-right takeover of the White House with the victory of Donald Trump.

Maria Svart, the national director of DSA, speaks to teleSUR about how her organization is using Sanders’ vision to fight Trump and neoliberalism within the Democratic party while aligning with other social and grassroots movements such as the Black Lives Matter, Women’s March and the Native American water protectors in order to ultimately achieve a social democratic United States.

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