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27 February, 2017

30 Spanish cities march in solidarity with refugees, against 'Fortress Europe'

In scenes reminiscent of the widespread protests that swept Europe a year ago, human rights groups and social activists marched in 30 cities across Spain to demand that the government do more to help migrants and refugees and end “Fortress Europe.”

United under the hashtags #NoEUFortaleza #NoFortressEU, protesters decried the perceived indifference of the Spanish and other European governments in the face of the refugee and migrant crisis.

The protests come just days after a controversial working paper was leaked in which German authorities proposed relaxing human rights protection for refugees to expedite the deportation process, should Europe witness another influx of asylum seekers and economic migrants.

This is a European initiative that promises to remind our political representatives that the current migration policy is unacceptable and is placing far too many lives at risk. We demand safe passage to Europe,” organizer and activist Javier Baeza told Público.


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