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20 October, 2016

Venezuelan opposition leader caught with grenades, army vests

Venezuelan right-wing opposition has been repeatedly accused of trying to ignite violence in a bid to oust President Maduro’s socialist government.

Venezuelan right-wing councilman José Vicente García was apprehended Tuesday by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service and caught with grenades and military uniforms in his car in the state of Tachira.

Tachira state Governor Jose Vielma Mora Gregorio confirmed on his Twitter account that the arrest took place and posted pictures of García along with the military equipment found in his car.

Intelligence bodies has captured young councilman José Vicente García with war weapons, grenades and vests,” Gregorio said in a tweet Tuesday morning.

The Venezuelan government has long accused the opposition of attempting to create chaos and unrest in the country in order to realize its objective of removing socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

According to reports, this was not the first time right-wing officials have been caught with militarized equipment. In late August, the country’s intelligence service detained Yon Goicochea who was found with explosive materials.

Back in September, the government said its security forces had managed to prevent violent actions and a coup that was planned by the right-wing opposition during the massive demonstrations on Sept. 1, which turned out to be peaceful and with little to no violence.


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