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25 September, 2016

US voters should learn from Corbyn's success

Jeremy Corbyn has retained the leadership of the British Labour Party in spite of the massive propaganda campaign against him in the mainstream media which shows propaganda against leftist positions is strong, but not indomitable, according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.

Hoenig told Press TV on Saturday “the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn of the British Labour Party is showing that when given a choice, the mood of the British electorate stands behind more leftist and progressive candidates.”

In spite of a heavy handed campaign from within the Labour Party to derail Corbyn’s chances, he won with a greater percentage than his initial election,” he added.

Corbyn, who was initially elected last year, took nearly 62 percent of the vote, beating challenger Owen Smith on Saturday. More than half a million party members, trade unionists and registered supporters participated in the voting where he scored a larger margin of victory than last year. In his victory speech, Corbyn said the opposition party could win the next election as the "engine of progress" in the country.

Corbyn's brave position on on Israel

Corbyn has taken positions once the staple of his party’s ideals, but have since been watered down beyond recognition. As Prime Minister Blair had privatized much of the public services provided to the citizens of Britain, yet Corbyn has called for its re-nationalization,” Hoenig said.

He has also taken brave positions regarding the Middle East, and Israel/Palestine in particular, that wouldn’t even be presented to a voting public here in the US,” the activist pointed out.

In the United States the mood has certainly shifted to the left. Like with the election of Corbyn, the advent of Bernie Sanders on the scene awakened the sleeping giant of progressivism,” he stated. “Unfortunately for him, he hitched his horse to the Democratic Party, where progressive ideas go to die. It’s now up to his followers to recognize that he’s not one of them and they have to lead the movement themselves,” he said.

In Britain you have parties that certainly reflect varying positions giving voters a real choice. Clearly Corbyn now represents one of the largest leftist parties in Europe, in spite of the massive propaganda campaign against him in the media and within the right wing of his party,” the commentator said.

Corbyn has shown little interest for Britain’s special relationship with the US and is opposed to nuclear weapons, including the costly Trident nuclear missile system that is maintained by the United States.

The 67-year-old socialist and peace campaigner also is a critic of Israel and NATO. As member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, he invited members of the Hezbollah and Hamas resistance movements in 2009 to parliament where he called them "friends."

US leftism in political realm is nearly invisible

Hoenig, a Green Party candidate for Congress, said “in the US leftism in the political realm is nearly invisible. The Green Party, being the largest anti-capitalist party in the US, struggles to gain recognition.”

Being denied a seat at the debates this coming Monday between the two capitalist candidates, and the Herculean effort it took them to be on the ballot of 47 states, attests to the fact that the forces of the media and the financial class in America dominate nearly all political life,” he observed.

Jeremy Corbyn might not have any political coattails in our election, but it does give people the sense that challenging the status quo is no longer for a minority of voters, but for everyone who knows they’re being screwed by the political and economic status quo, represented by President Obama and his chosen successor, Hillary Clinton. Massive propaganda against leftist positions is strong, but not indomitable,” he concluded.



  1. Anonymous26/9/16 20:55

    "US voters should learn from Corbyn's success"

    HAHA the title alone is a joke. Corbyn isn't successful. All he has is a small minority of radical followers, but no support among the wider electorate. Labour will NOT win the next election. It's essentially already guaranteed. Corbyn in-fact has been one of the worst performing and polling opposition leaders in British history. The UK is basically a 1 party country at present.

  2. Anonymous26/9/16 21:14

    This dumbass American "political analyst" knows absolutely nothing about British politics or the British public it seems, let alone politics in general.

    "In the United States the mood has certainly shifted to the left"

    No, in the US, UK and Europe, the mood has shifted towards fringe politics (far left and far right).

    Funny, to say the mood in the US has shifted to the left. Trump is going to win the elections. I wouldn't call him "left"? Especially since he basically wants to bring back Reganomics. The UK has lots of pressure groups pushing for similar Thatcherite policies right now also. Big pressure. Seems if anything the US and UK are becoming much more hard in their stances across bot the left and right, the only difference is that it's the right that is winning. Similar as during when Thatcher actually did reign as PM, the Labour party went far left, and essentially made themselves unelectable thus granting Thatcher full reign for almost a decade. We're seeing the same thing here. Many analysts even suggesting the Tories will reign until mid 2020's.