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16 September, 2016

The start of the Greek resistance against ECB?

Yesterday, Greek Corruption Prosecutors raided the family home of Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras, under an investigation concerning a company linked to the central banker's wife Stavroula Nikolopoulou-Stournara.

As reports:

Greek Corruption Prosecutors on Thursday raided the family home of Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras, in connection with an investigation into advertising spending by the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP), received by a company linked to the central banker's wife Stavroula Nikolopoulou-Stournara. Sources said the prosecutors conducting the raid confiscated documents and electronic files related to the activities of Nikolopoulou-Stournara's company and its dealings with the HCDCP.


This is the second investigation concerning the HCDCP's advertising spending, following an investigation that culminated in the prosecution of the agency's director and board members in 2015 for breach of faith, concerning their actions in the years 2011-2013.

Based on evidence collected by the corruption prosecutors in that case, which is now in the hands of an examining magistrate , the HCDCP spent sums greater than 2.0 million euros on messages to inform the public about health issues, such as the seasonal flu and others, which could have been broadcast without charge as public service messages. In addition, the investigators discovered irregularities in some of the related tender procedures, while in one case the contract was awarded to a company that should have been ruled out for non-payment of social insurance contributions.


... the prime minister and central banker agreed that this is an investigation by independent justice, in which both have confidence.

As mentioned in a previous article, the Bank of Greece is totally beyond the state control and therefore it is totally unreliable to serve country's interests. It has been mentioned also that a key move by the Greek government would be to take full control of the central bank.

It is worth to notice that under the "Socialist" PM, Kostas Simitis, Greece entered the neoliberal era of banking lending and bubble economy. He and his "close group" in the government are remembered as the "modernizers", and this period marked the beginning of transformation of the Socialist party into a neoliberal political formation. In essence, "modernization" was the word that had been used instead of "neoliberalism". Yannis Stournaras, former Minister of Finance and current Governor of the Bank of Greece, who has been the most willing to adopt the destructive neoliberal policies that the Troika lenders imposed to Greece, has also worked as a financial advisor for the Greek Ministry of Finance, participating in the negotiations for Greece's entry into the European Monetary Union, under Simitis administration.

Also, current Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, as an opposition leader in the recent past, described Yannis Stournaras as “the main executor of the death contract against Greek society and Greek citizens”, while SYRIZA had tabled a motion of no-confidence in Stournaras during his previous position as Finance Minister.

Note also that Stournaras has been placed in his position as Governor of the Bank of Greece already since June 2014, while the political system in Greece was preparing for possible national elections, with SYRIZA ahead in all polls. Obviously, he is the man of the ECB and Berlin in Greece (a common practice in other eurozone countries too), to make sure that the country will stay imprisoned inside the sado-monetarist prison of euro.

Recall that certain circles were promoting Stournaras as a potential new PM-technocrat, like Papademos, in case of a new political "crisis" in Greece, which could be provoked of course by the EFD/IMF/ECB centers and their Greek agents.

In previous years, anyone involved with the corrupted system of the ruling political elite, expressed through the Popular Right (New Democracy), and the Social-Democrats (PASOK), was enjoying a kind of exclusion from the scrutiny of justice. Tsipras may simply let the Greek justice free to do its job, so that to find evidence to prosecute Stournaras and put a favorable person in his position. This would be a further key step to loosen the stifling control of the ECB.

Quite recently, Slovenia showed signs of resistance against the ECB dictatorship. Maybe it's time for Greece and others to join the resistance ...

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