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27 August, 2016

Brussels bureaufascists rush to protect a key man in the Greek crisis drama

Another conflict is taking place lately between Greek officials and the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) representatives, concerning a key man who allegedly cooked Greece's statistics back in 2009 and forced Greece to enter the hellish path of Troika (EFD-IMF-ECB) creditors.

The European Union defended Greece’s budget data as concern mounts that a court case against the former head of the Greek statistical agency will reignite market doubts about the credibility of the country’s fiscal numbers.

The European Commission vouched for data submitted by the Hellenic Statistical Authority [Elstat] from 2010 to 2015 and validated by EU statistics office Eurostat. The period coincides with the tenure at the top of the Greek agency of Andreas Georgiou, who faces felony charges in Greece for reporting a 2009 budget deficit that was more than five times the EU limit and that unleashed the euro-area debt crisis.

Data on Greek government debt during the period 2010-2015 have been fully reliable and accurately reported,” European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, who oversees Eurostat, told reporters on Wednesday in Brussels. “We expect the Greek authorities to actively and publicly challenge the false impression that data were manipulated during the 2010-2015 period.The issue is politically sensitive across Europe because Greece allegedly manipulated its fiscal numbers to qualify for euro entry in 2001 and became dependent in 2010 on international emergency loans, which have flowed for the past six years in return for widespread budget cuts. The aid for Greece is underpinned by the fiscal data of Greece’s statistical agency, also known as Elstat.

Georgiou, who stepped down as Elstat’s chief last year when his term ended, faces some domestic political critics who allege that he inflated Greece’s 2009 deficit figure of 15.6 percent of gross domestic product.


Thyssen said on Wednesday that the commission, the EU’s executive arm, has sent a letter to the Greek government stressing the importance of preserving the quality of Greek budget statistics. She said false allegations “may create major damage to the credibility of Greek statistics.” The Greek government responded coolly to Thyssen’s remarks, confirming in an e-mailed statement that Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos had received a letter from the commission, saying he was surprised by it and pledging to respect the independent operations of the Greek judiciary.

More and more evidence comes on surface that Greece was artificially trapped into a debt crisis that permitted neoliberal establishment to conduct the most brutal experiment, for the first time in an advanced economic area.

The anxiety of the EFD officials to cover up an important parameter in the Greek crisis case is more than obvious. Their efforts include indirect threats - “... will reignite market doubts about the credibility of the country's fiscal numbers, as well as an attempt to intervene in the work of Greek justice. Apparently, they don't want further research concerning the key man, Andreas Georgiou, because this could bring crucial evidence on how Greece has been transformed into a debt colony.

Therefore, it could spoil efforts to expand further the Greek experiment (already "intruded" in France) to the whole eurozone.

Note that Panagiotis Lafazanis, leader of Popular Unity, the party that came out of SYRIZA's split, expressing its most radical side, stated that the support of the European Commission on Andreas Georgiou, through unacceptable and anti-constitutional intervention, is logical, obvious and expectable. This is because Andreas Georgiou was the IMF official and its man who have been “planted” in Elstat by the Government of George Papandreou, with the consensus of New Democracy too, just to serve the Troika, not the reasonable and legal Greek interests.

He also stated that Andreas Georgiou, through his service in Elstat, delivered Greece to the German EU and IMF, as the scapegoat and memoranda guinea pig for their plans of the general social and labor demolition of Europe.

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