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03 April, 2016

A unique opportunity for Greece to get rid of the IMF economic hitmen

The recent revelations of WikiLeaks concerning Greece, is another proof of what this blog supports since the beginning of the financial crisis. This is not just a conspiracy theory according to the establishment, but a reality beyond any doubt.

We have pointed repeatedly that the particular problems of Greece were only the pretext for the IMF-EFD invasion. An invasion for the purpose of destroying systematically the Greek economy according to the brutal neoliberal experiment, to open the road for the new conditions. That is, unprecedented cuts in wages-pensions, dissolving labor rights and social state, sell off public assets.

The revelations could be proved a unique opportunity for Tsipras administration to get rid of one of the major components responsible for the brutal neoliberal experiment: IMF economic hitmen.

In case that the Greek government manage to get rid of the IMF, the one that knows how to destroy national economies, EFD will be left alone and the balance could change dramatically in favor of the progressive forces through the corresponding alliances in a European level. This could be the beginning of the end of the European Financial Dictatorship as a carrier of the neoliberal doctrine.

Tsipras administration should exploit this opportunity, acknowledging, however, that the IMF and EFD are on the same side and that the case of the Greek debt relief was only a meaningless offer to Tsipras in order to surrender. Only by erasing a large portion of the illegal debt and return to national currency Greece could be saved.

As it seems that the Greek experiment has a specific timeline in order to be completed by the end of 2016, the revealing dialogues show that the IMF economic hitmen are under pressure, as they want to finish with Greece as soon as possible by "successfully" completing the experiment according to the schedule. It appears that Draghi's "solution" through the financial coup against Greece the summer of 2015 was something that Thomsen liked, as he discovered how to make the Greek government totally obey and take all the brutal measures to the last detail according to the experiment.

This is a good sign as it seems that the economic hitmen, either from IMF or ECB, do not care anymore to retain any pretexts. They are trying to finish the experiment by any means.

The IMF-EFD axis is now totally exposed and the Greek government should definitely exploit this situation.

A characteristic part of the dialogues:

THOMSEN: What is going to bring it all to a decision point? In the past there has been only one time when the decision has been made and then that was when they were about to run out of money seriously and to default. Right?


THOMSEN: And possibly this is what is going to happen again. In that case, it drags on until July, and clearly the Europeans are not going to have any discussions for a month before the Brexits and so, at some stage they will want to take a break and then they want to start again after the European referendum.


THOMSEN: But that is not an event. That is not going to cause them to… That discussion can go on for a long time. And they are just leading them down the road… why are they leading them down the road? Because they are not close to the event, whatever it is.

VELCULESCU: I agree that we need an event, but I don’t know what that will be.

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