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16 September, 2015

Varoufakis urges the British Labour to take action in the class war

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Greece's former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis offered "the Greek people's solidarity with the people of Britain," over the battle against austerity championed by new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, during an address at the People's Assembly in London, Monday.

Varoufakis made an attempt to transfer the Greek experience and urged the Labour to take action and fight the austerity.

In a characteristic part of his speech, Varoufakis warned the British audience that they are now on a path that will not be rosy and will be mined and undermined by a toxic media campaign against this magnificent effort. One of the instruments that the media are going to use is Greece, he said.

'You will be told that if Corbyn gets elected, Labour will be like SYRIZA and the United Kingdom will be like Greece. I urge you to use Greece as an example by which to fight the forces of austerity and the forces of regression. Don't shunt Greece, use it, because Greece is the laboratory of austerity.'

He urged the Labour to take action, saying it's time to defend its leap.

'For 30 years now, the only party in Britain that has disowned the class struggle is Labour. The conservatives are amazing class warriors.', he said.

And he is right. If not now, under Corbyn leadership, and Cameron attacking British society with a new cruel round of austerity, when?

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