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05 September, 2015

Lapavitsas: Most in SYRIZA believed dogmatically that the creditors will retreat

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Former SYRIZA MP and currently candidate with Popular Unity, Costas Lapavitsas, has described in a recent interview at The Press Project website, how SYRIZA leadership was bound to the euro-currency and didn't want, not even to examine, the possibility of Greece to exit eurozone and return to a national currency.

As he said characteristically, even if Putin had given a 30 billion loan to Greece, SYRIZA leadership would not have left eurozone. As he revealed, most of the SYRIZA members thought dogmatically that the creditors would eventually retreat in the negotiations. He was impressed of how deep this belief was for most of his former partners in SYRIZA.

Lapavitsas is one of the most dedicated to the perception that Greece should return to a national currency, in order to recover gradually and escape from the sadistic catastrophic measures that imposed by the creditors and destroyed the economy for five years.

Lapavitsas also warned that Greece should expect an internal war too by the economic elite who has interests connected with the common currency. Therefore, if Greece decide to leave euro, people should be prepared.

Unfortunately, it has been proved that this dogmatic belief by most in SYRIZA as well as the tactics by the leadership during the negotiations were very wrong.

We have warned that “In any case, when you negotiate with the representatives of the bankers and lobbyists, you have to persuade that you are determined for everything, in this case for Grexit. And therefore, you should be truly prepared for such a possibility. Besides, the country must have a plan for Grexit and return to national currency anyway.” (fa.ev/2015/03/)

In this crucial issue, Tsipras and most in SYRIZA were proved unprepared to deal with the puppets of the European Financial Dictatorship. We have also warned that Tsipras should not trust these euro-hyenas.

It appears that Tsipras and other Leftists who are about to be mutated into a more systemic-friendly force like Social-democrats - e.g. Pablo Iglesias of Podemos who supported Tsipras' choices - insist on the same mistake. They believe that things can change through the change of balance of the political forces in pan-european level inside the euro common currency. They will discover soon how wrong they are. Simply because euro is the tool of the elites to impose permanently the new Feudalism. It was designed for that purpose.


  1. Modern currency measures all the economic costs and social goods in every product and service. This supports a just relation with nature and the country heals. Natural bounty increases and people live well.

    Unemployed highly educated youth is required to energize this sixth branch of government in large numbers.

  2. In case you feel curious, I link the film of Syriza: