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23 August, 2015

Wagenknecht: EU integration policy leaves no room for Democracy

German politician and member of the Left Party, Sahra Wagenknecht, has doubts concerning the sustainability of the euro currency and further European integration. The Greek crisis showed that the euro is not working, she said. Wagenknecht opposed further delegation of national sovereignty to the EU and criticized the euro currency as well as the European Union itself.”

According to the politician, the monetary union has narrowed the space for national governments and lead to their inability to act. Wagenknecht called it a 'Europe-wide abolition of democracy through the back door.' The politician suggested initiating a debate of whether European countries should reconsider their financial and monetary system.”

Wagenknecht criticized the EU policy and called for a return to broader national sovereignty. An increasing number of integration steps undermines the sovereignty of national states and leaves no room for democratic decisions, especially if the whole policy of the EU member states is controlled by 'EU technocrats,' she argued.”

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