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21 August, 2015

The German Thatcher confirms bureaufascists' plans!

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After yesterday's announcement by the Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, to resign and declare new national elections, Angela Merkel, as it seems, has made a 'peculiar', as characterized by many in Greece, statement:

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor on visit to Brazil, has reportedly told her host, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, that 'Tsipras stepping down is part of the solution, not part of the crisis'. It was Rousseff who told reporters of Merkel's reaction to the Greek premier's resignation and call for a new election, the Daily Telegraph reports.” (,Merkel-Tsipras-stepping-down-part-of-the-solution-not-the-crisis.html)

If the information by the journalists is accurate, Merkel's statement is actually a confirmation of the initial Brussels bureaufascists' plans concerning SYRIZA.

Already since last May, the known journalist Paul Mason, revealed a plan, obviously by certain circles inside eurozone, according to which they want to mutate SYRIZA into a systemic social-democratic party, and force it to implement every single detail of the neoliberal experiment in Greece. As an exchange, they would proceed in a type of debt relief for Greece.

As Mason wrote:

In the script according to the eurozone, the expected ending is: Syriza splits; finance minister Varoufakis makes good his pledge not to sign a surrender and resigns. A government of the centre-left forms, with Alexis Tsipras now allied to the centrist Potami party and with tacit support from a liberal wing of the New Democracy party. Debt relief happens, but on the terms dictated by the lenders, and Syriza survives to complete its mutation into a centre-left social democratic party.” (fa.ev/greece-operation-mutation-of-left)

As we have already described:

... the European bureaufascists studied SYRIZA's internal political 'geography' very carefully, and one of the reasons that they insisted on catastrophic measures, fully aligned with the German leadership, was to remove the 'annoying barrier' of the Left platform, according to the plan.

The split of SYRIZA is definite after yesterday's announcement by the Left Platform: “The radical part of SYRIZA (Left Platform) announced its willing to participate as a separate movement in the elections to fulfill Greek people's will to terminate catastrophic policies imposed through memorandums and write-off a significant portion of public debt.” (fa.ev/tsipras-to-call-early-elections)

Therefore, it seems that the bureaufascists do not leave anything to luck, they design every detail. That doesn't mean of course that they always achieve their goals. Concerning the "SYRIZA mutation" operation, which in essence was confirmed by Merkel, it appears that things evolve as they have planned, at least for now ...

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