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The ENEE sadism

by system failure

At the same time where eurozone is struggling to get back on its feet due to accumulated problems since the latest global financial crisis, the European Neoliberal Economic Empire (ENEE) insists on fiscal discipline! France, Italy and Belgium have been targeted this time:

The European Union has threatened to impose sanctions on France, Italy, and Belgium should they fail to bring their bloated budgets under the ceiling allowed by the EU. On Friday, the bloc gave the three an extra three months until March to fix their budgets. [...] Authorities in France, Italy and Belgium have promised to implement economic overhauls to shore up their public finances. So far, no country in the eurozone, which groups 18 countries, has come under sanction for failing to respect the EU's deficit target.”

It is amazing that the ENEE is threatening to impose sanctions not only against Russia, but also against its own “provinces”! No question of taking relief measures for the national economies and the people of course. The ENEE sadists request more blood even from the most bleeding members ( because the ultimate goal is to secure the total dominance of plutocracy over the majority.

And this is something that should not surprise us because one of the most dedicated supporter of the sadistic policies against people, is the Greek PM and his government, consisting of some of the most fanatically attached to the neoliberal doctrine politicians. After all the disaster of the Troika imposed measures, the Greek PM, Antonis Samaras insists on the fiscal targets. In a recent interview he stated that the dilemma is "whether Greece will stay on the path of sanitation by maintaining its fiscal targets and reforms, or will return to the age of deficits and subversion of the reforms." ( People are of no importance against fiscal targets.

The imperial transformation of the EU can be clearly seen also in the words of the high ranking officials close to the "emperor" : “'I made a choice not to sanction because that would have been easy,' EC President Jean-Claude Juncker told journalists from a group of European newspapers.” ( The "aristocrat" should show compassion once in a while to his "nationals"!

He is the same man who recently survived a no-confidence vote after the "Luxleaks" big scandal because a big part of the EU parliament political elite devotedly connected to the lobbyists and their interests. He is the same man who openly admitted that groups of interests in the EU are unavoidable! (

Meanwhile, the problems of debt, poverty, unemployment and inequality continue to grow in the European periphery and started to threaten the most developed countries of the eurozone core. Thousands of desperate refugees are trapped in the bankrupted Greece with the "Empire" closing its eyes and ears as if they don't exist.

The officials of the "Empire" insist on the most conservative and inflexible stance against the "tsunami" of problems. Yet, this could also become the main cause for its final collapse soon. The battle is about to begin ...


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