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Trump directly threatened the Iraqi prime minister for his approach with China with a false flag and subsequent riots

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WikiLeaks paper confirms biggest fear of the US empire and the Wall Street mafia

The WIKILEAKS Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD) holds the world's largest searchable collection of United States confidential, or formerly confidential, diplomatic communications. As of April 8, 2013 it holds 2 million records comprising approximately 1 billion words. The collection covers US involvements in, and diplomatic or intelligence reporting on, every country on earth. It is the single most significant body of geopolitical material ever published. The PlusD collection, built and curated by WikiLeaks, is updated from a variety of sources, including leaks, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and documents released by the US State Department systematic declassification review. 
globinfo freexchange
A cable from July, 2007, depicts the anxiety of US officials about the potential capability of North Korea to be able to produce hardly detectable US counterfeit currency.

There are numerous references about the effort of the US government to stop the…

More than 40 rights groups condemn 'attempt to intimidate and retaliate against' Glenn Greenwald

A coalition of more than 40 press freedom and human rights groups from across the globe sent a letter Friday to Brazilian authorities condemning cybercrime charges brought against American investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald earlier this week as a clear intimidation effort for his reporting on key members of President Jair Bolsonaro's government.
Greenwald, who co-founded The Intercept, lives in Rio de Janeiro with his husband, Brazilian Congressman David Miranda, and their family. The letter initiated by Reporters Sans Frontières (Reporters Without Borders) and Freedom of the Press Foundation echoes journalists, politicians, and advocates worldwide who have expressed support for Greenwald since Tuesday.
"These charges represent a straightforward attempt to intimidate and retaliate against Greenwald and The Intercept for their critical reporting on messages that appeared to show a judge advising federal prosecutors how to prosecute cases he was presiding over in the …

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva: Obama, Hillary ordered me not to negotiate with Iran

He was the world’s most popular leader. Now he is “the world’s most prominent political prisoner” according to American political philosopher Noam Chomsky. 
From extremely humble beginnings as a peanut seller and a shoeshine boy on Brazil’s streets, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva rose to become president of his nation in 2002. Yet he is now being kept hostage by the country’s fascist Bolsonaro administration. 
In a wide-ranging interview with Brasil Wire editors Daniel Hunt, Brian Mier and Michael Brooks, host of The Michael Brooks Show, the man universally known as Lula described how the U.S. government ordered him not to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, new revelations about U.S. involvement in the coup of 1964, and the current state of his country.
U.S. tensions with Iran are nearing an all-time high. But ten years ago, the Brazilian government brokered a deal between Iran and the West – something, 
Lula reveals, was met with near incandescent anger by Barack Obama and Hillary Clint…

Anna Brees talks to Gordon Dimmack about the state of the UK's media and its future

Gordon Dimmack
Former BBC and ITV news presenter Anna Brees talks to Gordon Dimmack about her work in giving a voice to the victims of horrific crimes covered up by the state, her work training the next generation of journalists, her history in "old media", the persecution of journalists, and the state of our media and its future.

While Trump cuts food stamps, USAID bankrolls Venezuela regime change with half a billion in tax dollars

The Trump administration has spent $654 million in “aid” to try to overthrow Venezuela’s government, including $435 million through USAID and $128 million directly to Juan Guaidó and his corrupt coup gang — all while imposing crippling austerity at home.
by Ben Norton
Part 1
Under President Donald Trump, the United States has dumped over half a billion dollars into regime change-related “aid” efforts targeting Venezuela’s elected, UN-recognized government.

From 2017 to December 2019, the Trump administration spent at least $654 million on Venezuela-related aid schemes. While Washington claims this spending assisted humanitarian efforts, much of the US taxpayers’ money financed efforts to destabilize and ultimately overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro.
The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is a central arm of Washington’s hybrid war on socialist and independent states around the world. It has a long and sordid history of funding “civil society” groups and po…

BBC faces existential threat. In the 21st century, it has nobody left to lie to

 by George Galloway

Part 2 - Destroying Corbyn at any cost

But the once-great ship of the British state, the BBC, has more recently run into much more turbulent waters – which they navigated with almost Thatcherite brutality.

There were many and obvious reasons why the BBC and its hand-picked journalists and broadcasters were terrified of the possibility of a Jeremy Corbyn Labour government. 
There had never been such a government before, one which could not be relied upon to remain within the dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy. So they pulled out all the stops to kill it, no matter how reputationally damaging their conduct was.

Corbyn had to be destroyed at almost ANY cost. Their news and current affairs output (and appointments) over the Corbyn era of 2015-2019 was as crude, and crudely effective, as any screaming, screeching Rupert Murdoch tabloid. 

Perhaps they were worried the ghost of Sir Alasdair Milne would return to haunt them in the form of his son Seumas Milne, Corby…

Brazil’s far-right government backed terror plot against Venezuela, top newspaper reveals

Brazil’s extreme Bolsonaro government backed an attack on Venezuela in a plot to overthrow its elected president. The shocking terror operation has received no coverage in mainstream US media.
by Ben Norton
Part 3 - Brazil’s, and Guaidó’s, complicity in the attacks
These attacks on Venezuela had the backing of Brazil’s far-right government, led by President Jair Bolsonaro, a fascistic demagogue who came to power following a US-backed parliamentary and legal coup that forced Brazil’s center-left Workers’ Party from power.

Bolsonaro has pledged to purge, imprison, and exile leftists, and has staunchly defended his country’s previous military dictatorship, while heaping praise on the murderous junta of US-backed Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Before and after the attacks on Venezuela, according to O Globo, there were “high-level communications” between Brazil’s Foreign Ministry and the coup regime of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó.
Guaidó, who the United States has been tryin…

Social Media and Social Control: how Silicon Valley serves the US State Department

Facebook isn’t the only Silicon Valley firm with partisan oversight of what we see: the bipartisan billionaire class and their security state have partnered with tech firms since the dawn of the internet to control the parameters of users’ thinking.
by Morgan Artyukhina 
Part 7 - FireEye and DRFL
FireEye isn’t just some well-meaning cybersecurity startup, though: since 2009, FireEye has collected venture capital funding from In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s investment arm. In a statement at the time, In-Q-Tel said it would maintain a “strategic partnership” with FireEye, calling it a “critical addition to our strategic investment portfolio for security technologies.”

Started as In-Q-It in 1999 with CIA seed money, In-Q-Tel’s investment has poured money into firms judged useful to the U.S. intelligence service, such as the failing company Keyhole, which it bought in 2003. Spun off from a video game outfit, Keyhole aimed to stitch together satellite images and aerial photographs of the planet to form …

Κι όμως, ο Σάντερς μπορεί να νικήσει!

Αλέξανδρος Ζέρβας
Μέρος 3ο - «Συνταγή νίκης» η ριζοσπαστική ατζέντα
Την ίδια στιγμή όμως φαίνεται πως στα χρόνια που μεσολάβησαν όλο περισσότεροι ήταν εκείνοι που φαίνεται πως συνειδητοποίησαν πως η πολιτική ατζέντα Σάντερς μπορεί να εγγυηθεί τη νίκη επί του Τραμπ σε πολύ μεγαλύτερο βαθμό από εκείνη των ανθυποψηφίων του στο Δημοκρατικό Κόμμα.

Δεν πρέπει να ξεχνάμε πως μιλάμε για μια κοινωνία, όπου πάνω από τους μισούς πολίτες βρίσκονται ενώπιον του φάσματος της ακραίας φτώχειας, των διακρίσεων, της εργασιακής επισφάλειας αλλά και μεγάλων οικονομικών ανισοτήτων.  
Με τα εν λόγω φαινόμενα να έχουν διογκωθεί έτι περαιτέρω κατά τη διάρκεια της διακυβέρνησης Τραμπ αιτήματα όπως η φορολόγηση του μεγάλου πλούτου, η διαγραφή μεγάλου μέρους των φοιτητικών δανείων, η επαναφορά της δωρεάν υγειονομικής κάλυψης, η ισχυροποίηση του κοινωνικού κράτους και η προώθηση του «Green Deal» ως νέου μοντέλου βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης μοιάζουν πιο επίκαιρα από ποτέ.

Αυτός είναι κι ο λόγος που ο Μπέρνι Σάντερς καταγρά…

OPCW investigator testifies at UN that no chemical attack took place in Douma, Syria

In testimony before the United Nations Security Council, former OPCW inspection team leader and engineering expert Ian Henderson stated that their investigation in Douma, Syria suggested no chemical attack took place. But their findings were suppressed.
by Ben Norton
Part 1
A former lead investigator from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has spoken out at the United Nations, stating in no uncertain terms that the scientific evidence suggests there was no gas attack in Douma, Syria in April 2018.

The dissenter, Ian Henderson, worked for 12 years at the international watchdog organization, serving as an inspection team leader and engineering expert. Among his most consequential jobs was assisting the international body’s fact-finding mission (FFM) on the ground in Douma.

He told a UN Security Council session convened on January 20 by Russia’s delegation that OPCW management had rejected his group’s scientific research, dismissed the team, and produced anoth…