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Top billionaire oligarch Elon Musk chooses camp in the capitalist civil war

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The legacy of Mitsotakis regime in Greece

Human rights abuses, stifling the press, spy scandals. That appears to be part of the legacy of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the center-right Harvard-educated son of a former prime minister who marketed himself as a moderate and an outsider despite his pedigree. Washington loves him. Greece spends more on defense as a share of GDP than even the United States itself; Mitsotakis, 54, has been critical of Moscow and has sent military equipment to Ukraine to aid its war effort. He became the first Greek prime minister to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress.   On rights, however, Brussels has been ineffective in getting him to stop what human rights groups say is the illegal pushback of migrants back into international waters. Instead, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has praised Greece for its efforts to enforce its borders, calling it Europe’s “shield.” Meanwhile, the government’s record on press freedom continues to plummet, and the EU’s annual rule-of-law report echoed concern

Germany Arrests 25 Over Alleged Far-Right Plot to Violently Overthrow Government

In early morning raids on Wednesday, authorities arrested 25 alleged members and supporters of a far-right terrorist organization accused of plotting to violently overthrow the German government. Roughly 3,000 officers took part in the raids across Germany, and two people were arrested in Austria and Italy, according to a lengthy statement from federal prosecutors. The organization was formed last year and those detained include members of the right-wing extremist Reichsbürger (Citizens of the Reich) movement and people influenced by QAnon conspiracy theories. The Associated Press reported that " while police raids against the far right are not uncommon in the country—still sensitive to its grim Nazi past—the scale of the operation was unusual. " Noting that prosecutors said members believe Germany is ruled by a so-called "deep state," the AP pointed out that " similar baseless claims about the United States were made by former President Donald Trump, " w

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Corporate bootlickers and capitalism's worshipers argue that Qatar is an absolute monarchy that practices Sharia law and therefore is not a capitalist system. BS. On the contrary, capitalism thrives under authoritarian regimes that boost its power through corruption and nepotism. — failedevolution (@failedevolution) December 6, 2022

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Capitalism's worshipers from the broader political spectrum frequently mention Gulags as an example of how bad Communism is. But when thousands of slaves die in the capitalist 'paradise' of Qatar for a bunch of millionaires who kick a ball in the grass, they look the other way. — failedevolution (@failedevolution) December 5, 2022

Massive anti-Russian ‘bot army’ exposed by Australian researcers

An Australian university has unearthed millions of Tweets by fake ‘bot’ accounts pushing disinformation on the Ukraine war.    by Peter Cronau   Part 5 - Social media role in boosting fear   Crucially, the University of Adelaide researchers also investigated the psychological influence the fake automated bot accounts had on the online conversation during those early weeks of the war. These conversations in a target audience may develop over time into support or opposition towards governments and policies – but they may also have more instant effects influencing the target audiences’ immediate decisions.   The study found that it was the tweets from the fake ‘bot’ accounts that most drove ‘ an increase in conversations surrounding angst ’ amongst people targeted by them. They found these automated bot accounts increased ‘ the use of words in the angst category which contains words related to fear and worry, such as “shame”, “terrorist”, “threat”, “panic”. ’ By combining the ‘angst’ mess

EXPOSED: The most extensive case of covert pro-Western information operation on social media

Declassified Australia exposes and analyses a massive secret propaganda operation being run out of the US, that has been buried by Western media. by Peter Cronau   Part 9 - Attributing the ‘Information Operation’   Determining with absolute certainty the identity of the origin of these unprecedented influence operations described here is, according to the report writers, not possible. However, using a standard of proof used by one of this report’s researchers, Graphika , to inculpate Russia in a previous operation of an influence campaign, it is surprising they could not reach a stronger conclusion. In describing a leak of trade documents that threatened to benefit the UK Labour Party in the 2019 UK general election, Ben Nimmo of Grafika studied the leaks and later noted he ‘ cannot provide attribution of the operation ’, however the report boldly stated that the leaks were:     ‘disseminated in a similar fashion to Russian operation Secondary Infektion.’     ‘amplified online in a wa

Greece: Mitsotakis regime votes bill to destroy country's National Health System

Healthcare workers went on strike on Thursday, and protested in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens, denouncing a draft government bill that they claim will increase the role of the private sector in the health system.  " We have to resist this intense government effort to privatise public hospitals, and to leave the Greek citizens without National Healthcare Service ," claimed union leader at 'Elena Venizelou’ maternity hospital, Maria Zisimatou. Footage shows protesters with banner, placards and flags, with industrial action ongoing all this week.  " This bill is a sweeping attack on the National Healthcare Service. It is part of the wave of privatisations that this government has unleashed and is dismantling all social services, " alleged political science author Panos Garganas.  Media reports suggest the bill will scrap full-time exclusive employment contracts for doctors in the public sector, meaning many could take on private patients and even use publ

Day 1332: Julian Assange still in prison and under slow-motion execution by the Anglo-American imperialist criminals

failed evolution   On 11 April 2019, the Ecuadorian government of traitor Lenin Moreno, invited the Metropolitan Police into the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and they arrested Julian Assange . Since then, Assange is kept in Belmarsh high security prison in London, without actual charges.   The real reason world's number one political prisoner is still kept in this high security prison, is because he exposed horrendous war crimes carried out by the US imperialists and their allies.   The ruthless Western imperialist regime wants to punish the No1 real journalist in the world and make him an example for any Whistleblower or real journalist who will attempt to expose its big crimes in the future.   And the Anglo-American axis has now become officially a fascist coalition , framed by the rest of its Western pets. UK's Home Secretary Priti Patel, one of the most ruthless ever, decided to extradite Julian Assange to US. No surprise of course. The only question we had in mind is

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Mitsotakis regime in #Greece is about to pass a bill that will mark the definite termination of country's national health system towards full privatization at the #US standards. In simple words: if you are poor and get sick, your only option will be to wish not to die. #ΕΣΥ — failedevolution (@failedevolution) December 1, 2022

Europe angry that US profits from Ukraine proxy war while destroying EU economy

EU leaders are furious that the US is making lots of money from the proxy war in Ukraine by selling weapons and exporting expensive natural gas. Meanwhile European industries are being destroyed as high energy prices and US subsidies push its companies to go overseas.   by Ben Norton   Part 1   Cracks are emerging in the NATO alliance. Numerous Western corporate media outlets have published reports showing growing political divisions between the United States and European Union. EU leaders are angry that the US is making lots of money from the proxy war in Ukraine, both by selling vast quantities of weapons and by making Europe reliant on its expensive liquified natural gas (LNG), instead of Russia’s significantly cheaper pipeline gas. Meanwhile, European economies suffer from high inflation rates and an energy crisis that make manufacturing so expensive and uncompetitive it could bankrupt entire industries.   Politico published an article in November detailing precisely this, titled