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As Bernie now looks unstoppable, liberal plutocrats and their DNC proxies are left with only one option: an unholy alliance with Trump

globinfo freexchange
Bernie Sanders' landslide in Nevada leaves little doubt about who is the "real boss" in the Democratic primaries. After his crushing victory, the anti-Bernie hysteria on MSNBC and the liberal corporate media broke a new record.
The DNC establishment has thrown various actors in the race to stop Bernie's momentum and all have failed miserably. The CNN trick with the pseudo-progressive Elizabeth Warren, backfired badly. Then, the establishment used Pete Buttigieg to test the dynamics of the primaries in Iowa, measure the strength of the progressive movement in real conditions.
Among them, the establishment thought it would be a good idea to recruit a typical centrist of the Obama era, a political "dinosaur" like Joe Biden. His performance so far was a disaster, as it would be impossible for a classic representative of the neoliberal center to inspire voters, let alone beat Donald Trump.
Finally, we saw a plutocrat entering the race and tr…

Julian Assange extradition hearing sees US attack bravery, press freedom

The Grayzone
A hearing on the US effort to extradite Julian Assange for charges brought under the Espionage Act has begun in London. Satirist and broadcaster Randy Credico, a friend of Assange, discusses the stakes involved: an unprecedented assault on press freedom and a media publisher who has exposed the crimes and secrets of the US establishment. 

REVEALED: Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office

The senior judge overseeing the extradition proceedings of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange received financial benefits from two partner organisations of the British Foreign Office before her appointment, it can be revealed.
by Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis 
Part 2 - The Arbuthnots and Liz Truss
Tertulias’ annual meetings between the UK and Spain have been held since 1989 but the organisation has no public presence and provides no record of events. Declassified found that its current president is Jose de Areilza, a Spanish law professor who is also a board member of the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

Lord Arbuthnot records that he became the unpaid chair of Tertulias in 2012, at which time he was also chair of parliament’s Defence Committee. Arbuthnot was then also a member of the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy and chair of Conservative Friends of Israel.

In October 2014, Liz Truss, who was then Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), attended …

US imperialism in Nicaragua and the making of Sandino

Part 2 - US' “Good Men” in Nicaragua
By the nineteenth century, the U.S. was prepping itself to become the new dominant empire in the world. A newfound power that was especially felt in Latin America, a region the North Americans consider theirs by belief in the manifest destiny, which in turn was materialized in the Monroe Doctrine (1823). This way the U.S. assumed their role of self-declared caretakers of the American continent. But it wasn’t until President Theodore Roosevelt (1901 - 1909) that the reach of U.S. imperialism, in Central America specifically, would take its most modern configuration. 
With the new imperialist sense, the U.S. reaffirmed its foreign policy through Roosevelt’s 1904 Corollary, which was was an addition and interpretation of the Monroe Doctrine presented after the European naval blockade to Venezuela in 1902–1903. The corollary states that the U.S. will intervene in Latin American if the rights or property of U.S. citizens or businesses are threatened…

The British government’s covert propaganda campaign in Syria

Documents obtained by MEE reveal how British contractors recruited Syrian citizen journalists - often without their knowledge - to promote 'moderate opposition'
by Ian Cobain, Alice Ross
Part 2 - Three-pronged campaign
The British government’s citizen journalism project was part of a three-pronged propaganda initiative that was developed in London and was, according to the documents, intended to “have a synergistic effect”.
The first strand, named Syrian Identity, sought to “unite Syrians through positive affirmation of common cultures and practices and to restore trust between neighbours, while illustrating Syrians’ strength in numbers,” according to the blueprint.
The documents explain that the second strand, called Free Syria, “seeks to build confidence in a future Syria free from extremist rule".
It "amplifies the work of the ‘free’ police, civil defence teams and wider public service provision and broader developments in civil society and seeks to unite the modera…

Assange extradition hearing starts at Woolwich court in London


Sanders' victory in Nevada is a wake up moment for the American power establishment

In an appearance on MSNBC Sunday morning just hours after Sen. Bernie Sanders' decisive victory in the Nevada Democratic presidential caucus, author and political commentator Anand Giridharadas said the senator's win could represent the dawn of "a new era in American life" and called out establishment forces—including MSNBC—for reacting like "out-of-touch aristocrats in a dying aristocracy."
"Last night was a historic win that I think a lot of us are still struggling to understand," said Giridharadas. "Something is happening in America right now that actually does not fit our mental models. It certainly doesn't fit the mental models of a lot of people on TV."
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace admitted as much Saturday evening, lamenting that she has "no idea what voters think about anything anymore" following Sanders' overwhelming caucus victory, powered by the mobilization of a diverse coalition of voters across Nevada. UCLA…

MSNBC in 'full-blown freakout' mode as Bernie Sanders cements status as Democratic frontrunner

As it became clear Saturday evening that Sen. Bernie Sanders would run away with the Nevada caucus and secure his position as the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary, MSNBC anchors and contributors lashed out at the senator and his supporters in bizarre and sometimes hysterical fashion, descending into what one observer could only describe as a "full-blown freakout."
Earlier in the Democratic primary process, the Comcast-owned network was notorious for ignoring the senator from Vermont, and covering him negatively when it covered him at all.
But Saturday marked a clear escalation in hostility from MSNBC's on-air personalities as Sanders' diverse coalition of supporters propelled him to a landslide victory in Nevada, the third consecutive state in which the senator has won the popular vote.
Nicole Wallace, former communications director for the George W. Bush White House, described Sanders' multi-racial, multi-generational coalition as a "sque…

Roger Waters: Washington DC have decided they want Julian Assange killed!

Going Underground on RT
Legendary former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters speaks to Afshin Rattansi about the persecution of Julian Assange, ahead of Julian's upcoming extradition trial. He discusses why he believes Washington DC is seeking to imprison Julian Assange for 175 years.

Turkey, US protect Al Qaeda in Idlib and worsen Syria's suffering

The Grayzone
Idlib is facing a humanitarian disaster as hundreds of thousands flee a Syrian and Russian military campaign to retake the province from militant rule. Overlooked in Western coverage of the crisis is that Idlib is mostly controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a rebranded affiliate of Al-Qaeda -- and that Turkey, with U.S. backing, has intervened to keep the extremist group in place.

REVEALED: Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office

The senior judge overseeing the extradition proceedings of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange received financial benefits from two partner organisations of the British Foreign Office before her appointment, it can be revealed.
by Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis 
Part 1
It can further be revealed that Lady Emma Arbuthnot was appointed Chief Magistrate in Westminster on the advice of a Conservative government minister with whom she had attended a secretive meeting organised by one of these Foreign Office partner organisations two years before.
Liz Truss, then Justice Secretary, “advised” the Queen to appoint Lady Arbuthnot in October 2016. Two years before, Truss — who is now Trade Secretary — and Lady Arbuthnot both attended an off-the-record two-day meeting in Bilbao, Spain. 
The expenses were covered by an organisation called Tertulias, chaired by Lady Arbuthnot’s husband — Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom, a former Conservative defence minister with extensive links to the British military and in…

US imperialism in Nicaragua and the making of Sandino

Part 1
Nicaragua’s twentieth-century history cannot be told without placing the United States government as the main antagonist. It is their active interventions that have shaped the Central American country’s political, economic and social systems, but it is also the opposing forces to this imperialist aggression that has served as a counterbalance to writing the story of the Nicaraguan people. 
From military invasions to economic blockades, the U.S. has set to extinguish every attempt to a left-wing alternative against the imposed 'Banana Republic' model, that U.S. transnational interests have exerted in the country ever since the 19th century.
Yet it is out of U.S. imperialism, that a figure rose in Nicaragua to become a symbol of rebellion and hope for past, current and future generations. Know as the ‘General of Free Men’, Augusto Cesar Sandino’s life and murder on Feb. 21, 1934, would shape the Central American republic.
But to understand the emergence and death of Sandi…

Social Media and Social Control: how Silicon Valley serves the US State Department

Facebook isn’t the only Silicon Valley firm with partisan oversight of what we see: the bipartisan billionaire class and their security state have partnered with tech firms since the dawn of the internet to control the parameters of users’ thinking.
by Morgan Artyukhina 
Part 18 - We don’t need you to type at all…
One of the things that eventually happens … is that we don’t need you to type at all because we know where you are,” Schmidt, Google’s then-CEO, said of the company in a 2010 interview with The Atlantic. “We know where you’ve been. We can more or less guess what you’re thinking about.” He later added, “One day we had a conversation where we figured we could just try to predict the stock market. And then we decided it was illegal. So we stopped doing that.
On the internet, as in the realm of foreign policy, the U.S. security state is bipartisan in its bid to control the boundaries of acceptable behavior and thought, shepherding them by hook or crook into compliance.
The secur…

The British government’s covert propaganda campaign in Syria

Documents obtained by MEE reveal how British contractors recruited Syrian citizen journalists - often without their knowledge - to promote 'moderate opposition'
by Ian Cobain, Alice Ross
Part 1
The British government covertly established a network of citizen journalists across Syria during the early years of the country’s civil war in an attempt to shape perceptions of the conflict, frequently recruiting people who were unaware that they were being directed from London.
A number of leaked documents seen by Middle East Eye show how the propaganda initiative began in 2012 and gathered pace the following year, shortly after the UK parliament refused to authorise British military action in Syria.
Drawing upon British, American and Canadian funding, UK government contractors set up offices in Istanbul and Amman, where they hired members of the Syrian diaspora, who in turn recruited citizen journalists inside Syria. These journalists, many of them young, were commissioned to produce T…

The Council of Europe drives another nail into the coffin of the case against Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will continue his fight in court against extradition to the US on 24 February. The US case for extradition of the publisher – effectively for the ‘crime’ of exposing government wrongdoing – is littered with flaws and faces widespread opposition from the public.
Now, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights has put another spanner in the works in the case against Assange. The commissioner, Dunja Mijatović, has released a statement insisting that the WikiLeaks founder should not face extradition. She’s not the only senior human rights figure doing so either.
Mijatović released the statement on 20 February, just days before the next round in Assange’s fight against extradition. It reads:
                    Julian Assange’s potential extradition has human rights implications that reach far beyond his individual case. The indictment raises important questions about the protection of those that publish classified information in the public inter…

Homelessness can be eradicated

 Empire Files

Abby Martin meets with Nithya Raman, progressive candidate for LA City Council in District 4, about her campaign to end homelessness in the nation's epicenter and how local politicians refuse to take easy actions to eradicate the phenomenon–but refuse to in the interests of big real estate developers.

Anti-capitalist chronicles: how capitalism works

Democracy At Work
David Harvey breaks down how capitalism works and why it is important to examine the  long-run evolution of capital and the long-run pressures placed on capital that inevitably make it unsustainable.

It's official: the oligarchs and the corporate media declare war on Sanders' progressive movement

globinfo freexchange
We can safely now say that Bloomberg's propaganda ad against Bernie Sanders' supporters marks the establishment's official declaration of war on the progressive movement. Previously, corporate media revived the "BernieBro" myth in order to open the road for the war.
As we already mentioned, the anti-movement hysteria reached unprecedented levels when MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd compared Sanders' supporters to Nazi brownshirts! Todd's preposterous comparison wasn't accidental. He was specifically targeting moderate voters of the Democratic party. The aim was to scare them and prevent further popular-vote leakage from the establishment nominees towards Bernie during the next primary battles.
Michael Bloomberg grabbed the chance and tried to amplify further the BernieBro-scare through a blatantly propagandistic sample of negative advertisement. He doesn't have any movement behind him, but he has a lot of money to spend for smear camp…

After US terrorist war and sanctions, Nicaragua fights for justice at international court

The Grayzone
In Managua, Ben Norton interviews Nicaragua's representative to the UN's International Court of Justice, Carlos Argüello Gómez, who speaks about his country's case against the US over its terrorist Contra war, the 2018 coup attempt, and why Washington's unilateral sanctions are an illegal form of warfare on civilians.

Στόχος ΝΔ και ΚΙΝΑΛ η παραδειγματική εξόντωση των προστατευόμενων μαρτύρων

Η Βουλή δεν μπορεί να λειτουργεί ως πλυντήριο παραθεσμικών λειτουργιών με την επίκληση του βουλευτικού έργου
Κώστας Βαξεβάνης
Δεν ξέρω αν υπάρχει κάτοικος αυτής της χώρας που να πιστεύει πως το σκάνδαλο Novartis δεν είναι σκάνδαλο, αλλά δεν νομίζω πως υπάρχει πολίτης που παρακολουθεί όσα συμβαίνουν και δεν έχει συμπεράνει λογικά ποιος είναι ο σκοπός της Προανακριτικής Επιτροπής.

Σκοπός είναι η αποκάλυψη και η παραδειγματική τιμωρία των προστατευόμενων μαρτύρων που έφεραν στην επιφάνεια το σκάνδαλο και τους επιφανείς συντελεστές του.
Για θυμηθείτε όταν έγιναν οι πρώτες αποκαλύψεις, οι οποίες δεν σχετίζονταν μόνο με μαρτυρίες αλλά και με έγγραφα που ξεκάθαρα περιέγραφαν πώς η Novartis είχε εξασφαλίσει ότι παράγοντες της κυβέρνησης Σαμαρά θα έκαναν όσα επιθυμούσε; Τι έκαναν οι εμπλεκόμενοι; Απάντησαν για τα έγγραφα; Απάντησαν για όσα τους βάραιναν; Δέκα νέα φάρμακα της Novartis έβαλε ο Άδωνης Γεωργιάδης σε κυκλοφορία, όσα δηλαδή απαιτούσε το εσωτερικό σχέδιο της φαρμακοβιομηχανίας. Άλλο φάρ…

Assange’s imprisonment is psychological torture

RT America
After Queen Elizabeth II suggested the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may have been political, two Australian MP’s are heading to Belmarsh Prison to visit the embattled journalist. Assange’s extradition hearing is due to begin next week, and his father is making a plea to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, citing urgent health concerns.

Why does the “BernieBro” myth persist? Because pundits don't understand how the Internet works

A misunderstanding of social media is driving media elites to keep pushing an easily disprovable stereotype
by Keith A. Spencer
Part 4 - The reactionary mind at work

After reading all this, someone with a personal story of a (purported) Sanders supporter being cruel to them online might still object. The Bernie Bro is real! This anecdote proves it. 
But to say "a single candidate's follower was mean, therefore I don't support this candidate's policies regardless of their actual political implications," is a rhetorical fallacy. There are definitely individual assholes out there. Likewise, assholes can believe in good causes, and nice people can support terrible causes. It is a reactionary mistake to oppose a candidate — who represents a set of specific political positions poised to help or harm different social classes — on the basis of another's individual behavior. 
That means that the normalization of the BernieBro also diminishes the experience of those who …

Social Media and Social Control: how Silicon Valley serves the US State Department

Facebook isn’t the only Silicon Valley firm with partisan oversight of what we see: the bipartisan billionaire class and their security state have partnered with tech firms since the dawn of the internet to control the parameters of users’ thinking.
by Morgan Artyukhina 
Part 17 - Pentagon-Google cooperation
Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt, too, is connected to the U.S. security state as well as to the Democratic Party, again proving that a cross-party link is established where the material interests of the billionaire class are shared. A man who joined the Google team early-on in 2001, by 2011 Schmidt was able to step down from Google’s Chief Executive Officer to be the Executive Chairman of its Board of Directors with a $100 million equity award. He maintained that position through the 2015 restructuring of Google into the holding company Alphabet, Inc., stepping down in 2017 only to become chairman of the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board, an advisory committee to the Secretary of Defense.…

Το Μητσοτακικό καθεστώς οδηγεί στην εξόντωση χιλιάδες δανειολήπτες για χάρη των τραπεζών

globinfo freexchange

Ο ειδικός γραμματέας διαχείρισης ιδιωτικού χρέους διέψευσε πανηγυρικά τους ισχυρισμούς κορυφαίων στελεχών του Μητσοτακικού καθεστώτος, που έχουν πάρει σβάρνα τα μίντια διαβεβαιώνοντας πως μόνο οι "στρατηγικοί κακοπληρωτές" θα μπουν στο στόχαστρο για τα κόκκινα δάνεια. 
Όπως ανέφερε ξεκάθαρα, "δεν θα υπάρχει προστασία της πρώτης κατοικίας ..." και αυτό ισχύει και για τους "αποδεδειγμένα κατεστραμμένους", όπως διευκρίνισε σε σχετική ερώτηση. Δηλαδή, ισχύει και γι'αυτούς που πράγματι αδυνατούν να αποπληρώσουν λόγω κρίσης και δεν ανήκουν στην κατηγορία των "στρατηγικών κακοπληρωτών." 
Είπε επίσης ότι «Θα πρέπει να πτωχεύσει και ο εγγυητής αν δεν μπορεί να πληρώσει τα χρέη του οφειλέτη», ενώ «θα είναι πολύ μεγάλος ο αριθμός των πτωχευμένων πολιτών», μίλησε για χιλιάδες. Σε σχετική ερώτηση, ουσιαστικά συμφώνησε ότι πρόκειται για «εξόντωση» των οφειλετών, σκορπώντας αμηχανία ανάμεσα στους συντελεστές της εκπομπής όπως μπ…

Max Blumenthal on the imperial NGOs that ignore Julian Assange - and the billionaires behind them

The Grayzone
The Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal speaks about the witch hunt against WikiLeaks publisher and political prisoner Julian Assange, and how billionaire-funded "human rights" and "press freedom" non-profit organizations have refused to support him.

Coronavirus: media and politicians take anti-China fear mongering to new levels

Despite praise from the World Health Organization for its handling of the coronavirus, China has been derided by Western media and politicians alike over nearly every aspect of its response.
by Alan Macleod
Starting in Wuhan in December, the coronavirus outbreak has spread across China, infecting around 64,000 people and worrying the rest of the world. Fueling the panic, media have been printing alarmist scare stories and politicians peddling false information.
One prominent example of this is Arkansas senator Tom Cotton, who claimed that the virus was actually developed by the Chinese government. Wuhan, he stated, “has China’s only biosafety level-four super laboratory that works with the world’s most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus.” He also claimed that the outbreak is “worse than Chernobyl,” referring to the 1986 nuclear meltdown in Ukraine. “The Wuhan coronavirus is a catastrophe on the scale of Chernobyl for China, only Chernobyl was localized. The coronavirus is sp…

Citing hostile “Bernie Bros”, shadowy group launches Beat Bernie 2020 PAC

The Beat Bernie 2020 PAC is insisting on keeping its members’ and donors’ identities a secret, due to what they call “a credible fear of threats and backlash from ardent Bernie supporters.
by Alan Macleod 

A shadowy new PAC calling themselves the “Beat Bernie 2020” movement has launched what it calls a “massive grassroots fundraising haul” among citizens concerned that “Bernie Sanders is creating irreparable division on the left that will create significant difficulties for the Party’s eventual nominee.” The PAC claims that the Vermont senator is creating a “with us or against us” attitude, complaining there is now “no grey area in between to have a real dialogue,” – a strange complaint given that its only stated goal is to unequivocally prevent a Sanders nomination. The PAC alleges that Bernie has “no real explanation for how he will implement any of his proposed changes” and “he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing.
The group claims that their motives are purely in good faith: “Dem…