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As US bloodthirsty imperialists desperately push for war with Iran, their sloppiness may backfire badly

After the US drone assassination of the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, Donald Trump rushed to justify the action. “We took action last night to stop a war,” Trump claimed. “We did not take action to start a war.

Trump's claim is so blatantly false that was immediately destroyed by independent media, anti-war journalists and activists who provided information contrary to the typical US corporate media propaganda and their talking heads who rushed to spread the Trump-excuse.

Apart from the fact that Qasem Soleimani played a key role on defeating ISIS Islamofascists, he was particularly popular among Iranians and Shia Muslims. And furthermore, the Iraqi Prime Minister revealed that the Iranian top general was on a peace mission when assassinated.

Indeed, as The Grayzone reported, "According to Abdul-Mahdi [Iraqi Prime Minister], he had planned to meet Soleimani on the morning the general was killed to discuss a diplomatic rapproachment that Iraq was brokering between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Abdul-Mahdi said that Trump personally thanked him for the efforts, even as he was planning the hit on Soleimani – thus creating the impression that the Iranian general was safe to travel to Baghdad. Soleimani had arrived in Baghdad not to plan attacks on American targets, but to coordinate de-escalation with Saudi Arabia. Indeed, he was killed while on an actual peace mission that could have created political distance between the Gulf monarchy and members of the US-led anti-Iran axis like Israel."

We already knew that the 'pathological liar' who plays the role of the US president is completely unreliable, and in this case, everything shows that he is lying again. The preposterous action to approve the assassination of a top military official of a foreign country is not only an act of war. It could not only dangerously provoke another devastating war in the Middle East. It is also an action that aimed to give a life extension to the US proxies in the region.

And this is exactly the plan of the neocons and the Zionists around Trump. It is known that Soleimani was Mossad's top target for years. So, it is more than obvious that the US bloodthirsty imperialists are desperately pushing for war with Iran at any cost.

The assassination of Soleimani aims to put Iran in the corner. It was designed to push Iran to make a move that would give the necessary excuse to the US war machine to take military action against the country.

In case that Iran remain silent, doing nothing, it would mean that the US imperialists will be free to kill whoever they want, no matter how high in the Iranian hierarchy, without any consequences. It would also mean that the US war machine will be free to bomb any target at will, on the pretext of 'terrorism' without being obliged to give the slightest proof for its actions. It would look like an one-sided war in which the other side just sits back and take it in order to avoid further all-out war and subsequent disaster.

In case that Iran decides to respond dynamically, the US imperialists will have the pretext they want in order to start a war. Even the 'retaliation' declarations from the Iranian officials could be used properly. The imperialists could now orchestrate a typical false flag operation and present it as an act of revenge by the Iranians.

However, the assassination of Soleimani could backfire in many ways against the US imperialists and their Zionist allies.

First of all, Soleimani's assassination could further unite Iranians, despite any anger among parts of the population about government's policies. The US intelligence would find almost impossible to divide the population by implementing typical CIA methods and strategies that worked in other cases. Iranians would recognize a potential US invasion as the greatest threat against their sovereignty and prosperity. As PressTV reported, "A huge sea of mourners, streaming from all the adjoining streets in freezing temperatures, descended on the iconic Engelab Square in central Tehran Monday morning before rallying to Azadi Tower in the capital's west. [...] A correspondent for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) said he had not seen such a crowd in 20 years in Tehran, where important occasions usually draw people in millions."

Second, let's not forget that the US drone strike in Baghdad that killed Soleimani also killed Iraq's anti-terror commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. This is probably the greatest evidence about the anxiety of the US imperialists to provoke Iran, leading to an unprecedented sloppiness and even stupidity. By killing al-Muhandis, the imperialists 'managed' to accelerate the re-approach between not only Iraq and Iran leaderships, but also between the people of these countries. It seems that the simultaneous assassination of the two officials created a strong symbolism, which could unite Iraqis and Iranians against the common enemy.

Third, Iran will now accelerate its nuclear program and it will be almost impossible for anyone to convince Iranians to return to the negotiation table for a new deal. Furthermore, other small-medium nuclear powers (and not only North Korea), will realize that definitely can't trust the US imperialists. Therefore, any negotiations about their nuclear arsenal would be pointless.

Fourth, Trump actually ruined any attempt to re-build his image as 'anti-interventionist'. Many Trump supporters praised his decision to kick out from his cabinet the top warhawk neocon, John Bolton, who was pushing for war with Iran at least since 2003. Yet, now, it looks like Trump is following Bolton's plan to the letter. This is a strong indication that, in reality, Trump is a weak president who can't handle the pressure coming from the deep state, and therefore, eventually slips towards its warmongering agenda.

It is characteristic that many Twitter users reminded Trump's tweets and statements, claiming that Barack Obama was wiling to start a war with Iran in order to get elected. Now he is doing the same, despite the fact that he was self-promoted as 'anti-interventionist'. Yet, his current behavior may cost him the chance of a second term because many Americans, who are tired from the US endless wars, voted Trump explicitly for his 'anti-interventionist' profile.

The US imperialists escalate tension with Iran, trying to achieve a maximum that will coincide with the 2020 US presidential election. The US deep state will take action to eliminate the chances of any anti-war progressive to become the next US president. Then, either a corporate Democrat or Trump will follow the plan and start a war with Iran. Yet, with such a mess in the Middle East and a united Iran-Iraq front, the US imperialists and their allies may soon realize that what they are planning would probably turn out into a suicide mission.

And eventually, the whole situation will only accelerate the decline of the US empire ...


Iran surprised the imperialists through a rapid response. Just minutes before the Iranian attack on two US bases inside Iraq, Trump stupidly provoked the Iranian retaliation:

But now the ball is inside the US court and the 'orange liar' in a very difficult position. If he chooses to start an all-out war with Iran, he can forget a second term. And in fact, this could be the plan of the US deep state. As the people who pull the strings know that Trump can be easily handled, they may use him to achieve a double hit: start the war they want and, at the same time, get rid of him. On the other hand, if Trump shows 'weakness', hesitating to respond quickly, the US deep state will bury him in no time. Because of his irresponsible behavior, he is now in front of a dead end.


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