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Brazilian criminal complaint against Glenn Greenwald is an attack on Free Press

On Tuesday, a federal prosecutor in Brazil announced a denunciation of American journalist and Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald related to his work on a series of stories published on The Intercept and The Intercept Brasil
The denunciation is a criminal complaint that would open the door to further judicial proceedings. It alleges that Greenwald “directly assisted, encouraged and guided” individuals who reportedly obtained access to online chats used by prosecutors and others involved in Operation Car Wash, a yearslong, sprawling anti-corruption investigation that roiled Brazilian politics.
The denunciation will now go before a judge who can approve or deny the request for charges.

The Intercept and Greenwald both released statements Tuesday decrying the federal prosecutor’s accusation as an attack on Brazil’s free press in line with recent abuses by the government of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro. 
Abuses committed by Justice Minister Sergio Moro when he served as the pres…

Bolivia: as elections near, US-backed interim gov’t mobilizes military, arrests opposition leaders

Wednesday, January 22 marks the day that Jeanine Añez is set to stand down as “interim” President of Bolivia, beginning the process for fresh elections set for May 3. Añez came to power in November, following a U.S.-backed coup that deposed the Movement to Socialism’s (MAS) Evo Morales. However, she is certainly not acting as if she intends to relinquish her power, let alone move towards new elections. Instead, she has sent the military, replete with tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, into the capital cities of all nine departments of the country.
MintPress News’ Ollie Vargas was on the scene in the center of the capital La Paz, where he filmed hundreds of armed soldiers performing drills outside the Cathedral of St. Francis and dozens of military vehicles circling the city, sirens on and guns drawn.

The purpose of that is to intimidate people ahead of possible protests against the coup on the 22nd of January…This was a show of force saying you are not going to be able to mar…

BBC faces existential threat. In the 21st century, it has nobody left to lie to

by George Galloway

Part 1

Whoever replaces outgoing BBC Director General Tony Hall, be sure that establishment interests will be in safe hands. But multiple scandals the broadcaster has been involved in damaged it quite possibly beyond repair.

The next director general of the BBC will be formally appointed by Sir David Clementi, educated at Winchester, Oxford and Harvard, a former deputy governor of the Bank of England, chair of insurance giant Prudential, a former director of Rio Tinto Zinc, chair of Virgin Money and CEO of Kleinwort Benson. His grandfather was the governor of Hong Kong.

Be sure then that the interests of the establishment are in safe hands.

But in truth, the new DG will be picked by another public-school Eton-and-Oxford blue-blood, Boris Johnson.

For the BBC is a “state broadcaster,” just as much as the other “state broadcasters” in the world at whom they like to look down their noses.

The government of the day appoints the guiding hands at the BBC who naturally pi…

Brazil’s far-right government backed terror plot against Venezuela, top newspaper reveals

Brazil’s extreme Bolsonaro government backed an attack on Venezuela in a plot to overthrow its elected president. The shocking terror operation has received no coverage in mainstream US media.
by Ben Norton
Part 2 - Trilogy: 3 planned attacks on Venezuela, with help from foreign countries
With the support of neighboring right-wing countries, Venezuelan military defectors planned to launch three military uprisings against the Venezuelan government on or around Christmas Eve, according to O Globo.

The official name of the operation was Trilogia (Trilogy). One attack targeted Venezuela’s Bolívar state on the southeastern border with Brazil; a second attack was planned as an amphibious invasion; and a third was to take place near Colombia’s border.

Two of these three planned attacks failed, as only one of the groups carried out the orders as planned.

Brazil-backed insurgents crossed into Venezuelan territory and, on December 22, attacked the 513 Selva Mariano Montilla infantry battalion in …

Social Media and Social Control: how Silicon Valley serves the US State Department

Facebook isn’t the only Silicon Valley firm with partisan oversight of what we see: the bipartisan billionaire class and their security state have partnered with tech firms since the dawn of the internet to control the parameters of users’ thinking.
by Morgan Artyukhina 
Part 6 - Bad actors
Fast forward to August 2018: along with other social media platforms with whom it shares tips and information, Facebook has begun targeting voices from, and in defense of, nations targeted by the U.S. State Department for regime change. However, it’s not just Russians any more: some of the voices silenced in the semi-regular sweeping round of bans include Cubans, Venezuelans, Iranians, and Chinese as well. Frequently, these bans coincide with elections in the U.S., though Facebook typically avoids citing election interference in its press releases, giving the media free reign to speculate.

Standard fare is for tips on “inauthentic content” to come from one of two places: the Atlantic Council’s Digita…

Κι όμως, ο Σάντερς μπορεί να νικήσει!

Αλέξανδρος Ζέρβας
Μέρος 2ο - Το «ρεύμα» που έρχεται από το 2016
Οι πρόσφατες δημοσκοπήσεις που δείχνουν τον Μπέρνι Σάντερς να προηγείται στην κούρσα για το χρίσμα των Δημοκρατικών έρχεται απλά να επιβεβαιώσει το «ρεύμα» που καταγράφεται στο εσωτερικό της αμερικάνικης κοινωνίας υπέρ της υποψηφιότητάς του. Πρόκειται για μια εξέλιξη, η οποία μόνο έκπληξη δεν προκαλεί στους περισσότερους.

Άλλωστε, αξίζει να σημειωθεί ότι ακόμη από την καμπάνια του ενόψει των προκριματικών του 2016 ο Σάντερς ήταν ο μόνος υποψήφιος που είχε συλλέξει δωρεές δεκάδων εκατομμυρίων ευρώ, οι οποίες κατά βάση δεν προέρχονταν από  εκατομμυριούχους επιχειρηματίες κι εκπροσώπους λόμπι.

Αντίθετα, εκατομμύρια ήταν οι απλοί Αμερικάνοι (από δασκάλους και νοσοκόμες μέχρι φοιτητές), οι οποίοι είχαν σπεύσει να συνεισφέρουν στην προσπάθειά του. Όλα αυτά αντικατόπτριζαν δε τη ριζοσπατικοποίηση ενός τμήματος της αμερικάνικης κοινωνίας, κυρίως μέσα στην τελευταία δεκαετία.  Η σημερινή επιτυχία Σάντερς λοιπόν μόνο «κεραυνός εν α…

Aug 2019 picks

Trump directly threatened the Iraqi prime minister for his approach with China with a false flag and subsequent riots

globinfo freexchange

Here is probably the best proof that the 'anti-interventionist' Donald Trump is an absolute fraud. It seems that the current US president is not only the best option for the establishment right now, but he even follows the CIA playbook to the letter ... by himself. As we approach the 2020 presidential election in the United States, Trump does everything he can to please the warmongering neocons and the deep state elements.
Recently, MintPress News made some astonishing revelations according to which Trump directly threatened the Iraqi prime minister. As MintPress revealed: [Important parts highlighted]
Iraq’s caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi gave a series of remarks on January 5, during a parliamentary session that received surprisingly little media attention. During the session, which also saw Iraq’s Parliament approve the removal of all foreign (including American) troops from the country, Abdul-Mahdi made a series of claims about the lead-up to…

As neo-nazis head to Richmond, Trump boosts gun-rights rally

by Patrick Martin
On the eve of a planned right-wing gun-rights rally in Richmond, Virginia, fascists and white supremacists are reportedly heading for the Virginia state capitol, hoping to create a “second Charlottesville,” modeled on the neo-Nazi riot in 2017 which killed one anti-fascist demonstrator and attracted the praise of President Donald Trump, who called the fascist marchers “good people.”

Trump signaled his support for the Richmond event, tweeting Friday that the Democratic-controlled state government in Virginia was engaged in violating the Second Amendment rights of the state’s gun owners. “Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia,” he wrote. “That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!”

Trump’s tweet was a gesture of open encouragement to ultra-rightists and neo-Nazis only days before the president’s trial before the US Senate begins, o…

In France’s longest protests since 1968, striking workers continue the fight against neoliberalism

From bus drivers to ballet dancers, workers from across France have taken to the streets in opposition to President Emmanual Macron’s attempts to reshape the country into a U.S.-style neoliberal state.
by Alan Macleod 
Nationwide protests against the government of Emanuel Macron entered their seventh continuous week today in France, as between 187,000 (a government estimate) and 250,000 people (the unions’ count) took to the streets to oppose Macron’s plans to radically alter the country’s pension plan, seen by many as the crown jewel in France’s substantial welfare state.

Led by transport unions, mass protests occurred yesterday across the country, including in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Nantes, Dijon and Angers. Meanwhile, in Nice, there was a party atmosphere as activists organized a torchlight evening demonstration. Despite the light-hearted tone some of the protests took, they now constitute the longest and most intense actions against the government since the famous May 1968 “revolut…

#MeToo provocation against Bernie Sanders organized by CNN and Elizabeth Warren

by David Walsh
CNN and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Democrat from Massachusetts, with powerful establishment support, combined to stage a provocation this week aimed at slowing down or derailing the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Through CNN, the Massachusetts senator’s camp first alleged that Sanders told her in December 2018 a woman could not win a presidential election, an allegation Sanders strenuously refuted. At the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, CNN’s moderator acted as though the claim was an indisputable reality, leading to a post-debate encounter between Warren and Sanders, which the network just happened to record and circulate widely.

This is a political stink bomb, borrowed from the #MeToo playbook, typical of American politics in its putrefaction. Unsubstantiated allegations are turned into “facts,” these “facts” become the basis for blackening reputations and damaging careers and shifting politics continuously…

MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid invites quack body language expert on to trash Sanders

MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid has a history of strongly racist and homophobic remarks. She was one of the chief proponents of the RussiaGate narrative and history of anti-Muslim and homophobic comments.
by Alan Macleod
MSNBC anchor Joy Ann Reid invited Jeanine Driver, a self-styled expert in the highly contentious field of body language analysis on her show, AM Joy, to assess the recent spat between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders at the seventh Democratic presidential debate. Warren accused the Vermont Senator of dismissing her chances, claiming he said that a woman could not become president, something he vehemently denies.

First of all I think Bernie’s lying,” Driver told Reid’s weekend audience of around 1.1 million, claiming, “his shoulders come up like a little kid getting caught,” adding that Sanders was “trying to hide in plain sight.” Driver offered up more questionable expertise in why she agrees with Warren: “He starts with ‘well.’ Liars like to start with ‘well,’” she said, cla…

Brazil’s far-right government backed terror plot against Venezuela, top newspaper reveals

Brazil’s extreme Bolsonaro government backed an attack on Venezuela in a plot to overthrow its elected president. The shocking terror operation has received no coverage in mainstream US media.
by Ben Norton
Part 1
Brazil’s far-right government helped support military attacks on Venezuela in hopes of inciting a coup and violently overthrowing the country’s leftist government.

This plan was revealed by a major pro-government newspaper in Brazil. And yet the shocking story was not covered by any mainstream paper in the US or Europe. Outside a lone report by Venezuela’s state-backed teleSUR — which Washington-backed coup plotters are now trying to usurp – the story was completely ignored in Anglophone media.
The United States has supported a series of coup attempts against Venezuela’s elected government since 2002, which accelerated in 2019. But the details of Brazil’s role in the latest plot is a novel revelation.

On December 31, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo disclosed the putsch plans i…

Jul 2019 picks

Trump is doing what George Bush did with preemptive war

RT America
Jimmy Dore and Brigida Santos discuss efforts by House Democrats to limit President Donald Trump’s ability to engage in war with Iran without congressional approval. Will the Senate also approve the War Powers Resolution? Jimmy and Brigida also reveal the Department of Homeland Security’s new DNA collection program at the border. Security expert Nick Espinosa talks about California’s new digital privacy law. Will it really protect consumers from corporate spying?

Social Media and Social Control: how Silicon Valley serves the US State Department

Facebook isn’t the only Silicon Valley firm with partisan oversight of what we see: the bipartisan billionaire class and their security state have partnered with tech firms since the dawn of the internet to control the parameters of users’ thinking.
by Morgan Artyukhina 
Part 5 - New knowledge, old tactics
A key December 2018 report that claimed to lay out the “tactics & tropes” of the IRA, and blasted Facebook and Google for their lack of cooperation with the Russiagate probe, was prepared by New Knowledge, a cybersecurity company revealed just weeks later to have helped orchestrate massive election meddling in Alabama’s 2017 special election.

Facebook suspended the account of New Knowledge CEO Jonathon Morgan, who is also a former special adviser to the State Department, for having directed a crew of political functionaries who pushed story after fake news story, even posing as Alabama Republicans in order to tarnish their image, all in an effort to convince voters not to vote fo…

Κι όμως, ο Σάντερς μπορεί να νικήσει!

Αλέξανδρος Ζέρβας
Μέρος 1ο
Καθώς μπαίνουμε στην τελική ευθεία ενόψει των αμερικάνικων προεδρικών εκλογών του Νοεμβρίου, ένα είναι το βασικό ερώτημα που απασχολεί πλέον του περισσότερους στην άλλη άκρη του Ατλαντικού (και προφανώς όχι μόνο): ποιος θα είναι εκείνος που θα μπορέσει να απαλλάξει τις ΗΠΑ και ολόκληρο τον κόσμο από τον «εφιάλτη» του Ντόναλντ Τραμπ.

Για τους Δημοκρατικούς - μετά το «ναυάγιο» που υπέστησαν το 2016 - το ερώτημα μοιάζει μάλιστα να είναι ζωτικό. Κι αυτό γιατί στις προηγούμενες προεδρικές εκλογές η Χίλαρι Κλίντον, η οποία είχε πάρει το χρίσμα της υποψηφιότητας μέσα από μια «αμφιλεγόμενη» διαδικασία, υπέστη σοκαριστική ήττα -αν και είχε πάρει συνολικά περισσότερες ψήφους- από τον αντίπαλό τους, έχοντας χάσει κρίσιμες κοινωνικές ομάδες, οι οποίες παραδοσιακά στήριζαν το Δημοκρατικό Κόμμα. Και μάλιστα σε πολιτείες - κλειδιά, οι οποίες «έβγαζαν» πρόεδρο.
Επρόκειτο για έναν κίνδυνο, που είχαν επισημάνει αρκετοί, όταν έβλεπαν την ηγεσία του Δημοκρατικού Κόμματος να υπο…

US deep state scenarios on cancelling 2020 election: securing a war with Iran and marking the definite end of Democracy in America

globinfo freexchange
On January 14, the blog published an article about a potential oncoming war between the US and Iran. We estimated that it is unlikely the US deep state to start a war before the 2020 presidential election. Otherwise, as we wrote, the deep state would have to take the risk of some extreme solutions. Like, for example, an 'emergency situation' plan on the pretext of the war, in order to postpone the election and, at the same time, extent Trump's presidency. With all the chaos and the rising popular anger, the whole country would soon be getting into 'uncharted waters'.
Yet, it seems that such a scenario not only exists, but it was designed by an Israeli private company. And moreover, it appears that the company is deeply connected with the deep state and the Trump administration.

We found that MintPress News published an article, written by Whitney Webb, on the same day with our article above, giving the full details. As Webb reported: [most im…

CNN is Trash

by David Swanson
Why has the hash tag #CNNisTrash been popular since this week’s presidential primary debate? There was nothing new about the corporate, militarist, anti-progressive slant of the debate “moderation.” What was new was the level of blatant bias so extreme that even viewers who knew nothing about the issues couldn’t miss it, plus the amount of time CNN focused on expressing its hostility toward a single candidate, Bernie Sanders.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win . . . or so the saying goes. The Bernie Sanders campaign is well into stage 3 out of 4.
Remarkably, CNN began Tuesday’s debate with a focus on endless U.S. wars in the Middle East, and with questions aimed at criticizing those who had supported the launching of some of those wars many years ago — support that various politicians and even media outlets like the New York Times (but not CNN) have long since been compelled to apologize for.

Yet the CNN moderator began b…

What really happened with Venezuela's parallel president?

The Real News Network
Media reports and the Trump administration presented a very one-sided version of the election of Venezuela's National Assembly leadership, presenting it as a coup. But who is trying to overthrow whom?

France's strike: another symptom of neoliberalism's legitimation crisis

The Real News Network
France's public sector strike against pension reform is in its seventh week, the most serious such strike in French history. It fits very well in the context of the global revolt against neoliberalism, says Prof. Gabriel Rockhill.

The big loser in the Iowa debate? CNN’s reputation

The biggest loser from last night’s Democratic debate (1/14/20) was CNN’s journalistic credibility.
CNN debates have been marked by a tendency to pit one candidate against another, American Gladiators-style (, 8/2/19), so it’s no surprise that the cable network took its own journalistically dubious “scoop” (CNN, 1/13/20)—about Bernie Sanders allegedly telling Elizabeth Warren in 2018 that “he did not believe a woman could win” a race against Donald Trump—and used it as the basis of questions to both Sanders and Warren at its pre–Iowa caucus debate in Des Moines (presented jointly with the Des Moines Register).
But it was less predictable that CNN would frame those questions in such a nakedly one-sided manner, with wording that presumed that the truth was  known about what was really said in a disputed, year-old private conversation. “Senator Sanders,” began CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip:
Senator Warren confirmed in a statement, that in 2018 you told her that you…

Max Blumenthal on his false arrest, US gov't persecution, and the takeover of Venezuela's embassy

Moderate Rebels
Max Blumenthal describes his arrest and imprisonment on false charges (which were later dropped), the persecution he faced by the US government, and the real story of how the Trump administration helped violent right-wing coup-mongers besiege and eventually seize Venezuela's embassy in Washington, DC.

After Julian Assange, the US imperialist beast goes after Max Blumenthal: the brutal hunt against independent journalism officially begins!