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12 May, 2018

Εlection integrity activist gives firsthand details of how the voting process could have been rigged against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries

Lee Camp spoke with the election integrity activist, Dr. Lora Chamberlain, about her experience on the US voting system. Chamberlain gave a firsthand example from the process in the 2016 primary vote between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and an idea of how the primaries could have been rigged in favor of Clinton. Chamberlain gives also an idea of how this totally unreliable system could be fixed:

In Chicago we went to the audience and we saw the cover up. And so, they're counting votes on these what we call the “toilet paper rolls”, but they're like cash register receipts. We saw them counting these votes and they were putting paper ballots through another machine. What we saw, was that all of the workers - so this is a Chicago Board of Elections, and they have 21 tables going, they have all these workers doing this - and what they would do, is they had the number that they had to achieve, what we called the official recommended results.

So, they had the number that they had to achieve, and what they would do, is they had these tally sheets and they would put a dot. Let's say one electronic machine, they said had a hundred votes for Bernie. They would put a dot where a hundred votes should be. And then, when they got to that dot (and they were doing their hash marks), they would just put the votes on some posted notes and then throw them away - and kind of stopped counting once they got to the recommended number.

All of the electronic voting machines, all of the digital scanners they can all be hacked if there are insiders within election jurisdictions. And we think there are.

And so, we want that hard record, that paper ballot. We do want them digitally scanned so that they form a ballot image, but you can't stop there. A lot of activists are talking about publishing the ballot images, but you can't stop there. You got to be pulling some of those paper ballots by random and counting them. We need actual audits on the paper ballots and then comparing those to the digital scans so that we know that the digital scans are not being manipulated as well.

Chamberlain also spoke to Hard Lens Media in detail about her experience and the whole voting process. You can watch the whole discussion in the following YouTube video. Perhaps it's worth to note that the video was uploaded on February 16, 2018, yet, when we discovered it recently, it had been viewed only 58(!) times. It's really remarkable how such a serious matter attracts so little attention.

Finally, take a taste of the Venezuelan voting system of the ... “dictator” Maduro and make the comparisons yourself:

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