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07 May, 2018

Dennis Kucinich briefly explains why his opponent is not a real progressive

One of the more closely watched governor's races this year is in Ohio. This coming Tuesday, May 8, the Democratic primary pits Richard Cordray, the former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, against the former member of the House of Representatives, Dennis Kucinich. Both are generally seen as coming from the left wing of the Democratic Party, with Cordray being endorsed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Kucinich endorsed by Our Revolution, the organization that Bernie Sanders founded.

Yet, speaking to Sharmini Peries, Kucinich briefly explains why his opponent is not a real progressive:

Let me just give you some comparisons, here. I stand for getting rid of assault weapons. I stand for ending fracking, which is damaging our water supply. I stand for ending the death penalty. I stand for legalization of marijuana.

Now, these are all issues of varying importance.

Mr. Cordray is the person principally responsible for assault weapons being in our state, because he knocked down a law eight years ago that would have prohibited them in our cities. He went to the Supreme Court on behalf of the NRA and knocked out gun laws across the country, joining other attorneys general. He is in favor of fracking. Drilling interests have contributed to his campaign. He is for the death penalty. And he is opposed to the legalization of marijuana.

Now, he's being described in the media as a progressive. He's being described as Left. I don't know what country we're talking about. And what's happening, it's a convenient way for certain media to try to blur the differences between the candidates and then push their establishment candidate. And then when people vote for that person and they find out, oh, I didn't know this person stood for this, because he was progressive.

Full interview:

The big question now is, why did Elizabeth Warren endorsed Cordray? Recall also, Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Kucinich:


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