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21 April, 2018

US corporate propaganda media officially declares war on independent media

CNN has finally stopped ignoring independent media. During the 2016 election cycle, most of the mainstream media made their best effort to pretend that independent media did not exist. They would make their best effort to refute our claims and evidence, but would never address our platforms or name us directly.

When indy media would bring facts, the mainstream media would attempt ineffective counter-measures to no avail. How do I know these counter-measures have been largely unsuccessful? Because on April 19th CNN Money released an article pressuring big name companies to demonetize "far right" and "extreme left" wing media channels, even going to the lengths of pointing some off by name.

The two biggest names attacked in the article were Alex Jones of Info Wars and Jimmy Dore of the Jimmy Dore Show, Aggressive Progressives, and The Young Turks. Granted, Alex Jones has been a handful for both the right and the left, Jimmy Dore has been nothing short of 100% accurate and objective in all of his reporting. They labeled Jimmy Dore as a conspiracy theorist, despite the fact that Jimmy's entire show has recently been dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories that have offered little to no factual evidence.

It is largely assumed that this article was written in response to indy media's success in not only debunking the russiagate conspiracy but also empowering voters with the truth about Hillary Clinton and her obsession with running the government from the shadows, and our success at being able to predict the outcomes to events such as the Andrew McCabe firing and Clinton Foundation investigations.

At first, they ignored independent media. Now, the mainstream media is conducting a total informational onslaught to save what little trust the world has in them. The message has been clear for the last two and a half to 3 years - You will buy into their authoritarian declarations of who is the best candidate, who is the enemy, who you should fear, who you should love, what are facts, and what are not facts. Otherwise, you will be automatically labeled a conspiracy theorist. We are at war for the very soul of the 4th estate.

Lucky for us, it looks like we are winning that war.

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