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14 April, 2018

The Western war criminals attempt to create a new Iraq in Syria

Just when the last remnants of the Saudi/West-sponsored jihadists defeated by the Syrian army with the aid of the Russians, the Western war criminals decided to re-flame the region by attacking Syria. The disgusting hypocrites pretend that they care about the innocent victims of the latest 'chemical attack', while we know that it's only a pretext based on what it seems to be another false flag.

We've seen the play endless times. Iraq, Libya destroyed based on that obsolete fairy tale of 'weapons of mass destruction'. Lies, fabricated facts and propaganda by the Western media apparatus led to such disasters. Take a taste of what happens when someone tries to tell the truth on the - supposedly opened to free speech and opinion - Western propaganda framework:

Russia’s foreign ministry Maria Zakharova has condemned the US over its strikes on Syria. She said the attacks hit a long-troubled country “that for many years has been trying to survive terrorist aggression”.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Saturday, Zakharova also criticised the Western media for its coverage, which it says informed the White House for its attacks.

The White House stated that its assuredness of the chemical attack from Damascus was based on ‘mass media, reports of symptoms, video, photos as well as credible information’. After this statement the American and other Western mass media should understand their responsibility in what is happening.

Zakharova compared the situation to the start of the Iraq War in 2003 based on claims Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction.

The only reason for which the Western clowns decided to start bombing Syria now, is because they are losing the game in the country after the defeat of their proxy terrorists, and they don't want, by no means, to leave Russia and Iran become the winning players who will determine the future of the Middle East.


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