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11 April, 2018

Syria, Gaza, Skripal fiasco: in their agony to change the balance of the geopolitical game, the Western clowns repeatedly expose themselves through hypocrisy and sloppy actions

Western clowns' terrible theatrical performance in recent false flag operations, reveals their agony to change the global geopolitical balance in favor of their masters.

In Syria we had another brutal attack against civilians, which 'coincidentally' happened just when:

- Trump announced that he wants to get out of Syria

- Hired the most hawkish, warmongering neocon, determined to stay in Syria and go to war with Iran

- The Syrian army was about to defeat the last remnants of the Saudi/West-sponsored jihadists

It's more than obvious that this is another 'chemical attack' false flag, probably staged by the jihadist groups who are losing the war in Syria, in order to give a pretext to the US and allies to bomb Syrian army positions. It would be no surprise to learn that the bloodthirsty neocon John Bolton, secretly advised various groups to proceed in such a (now common) false flag operation, to force Trump to change his decision of withdrawing US forces from Syria.

In Gaza, the Israeli army kills Palestinians in cold blood, one more time, but of course, the Western clowns and the media apparatus won't express their rage for these war crimes because of their hypocritical, selective 'humanitarianism'.

The Skripal case turns out to be another awfully directed drama aiming to target - who else - Russia, which only exposes the anxiety of the Western circus to change the geopolitical balance. Just look at the actions of the Western 'leaders'. They supposedly go against Trump when they want to exhibit their fake progressiveness, yet, when they need to unite against Russia in every geopolitical battlefield, they do it instantly without waiting for evidence to justify their actions. Disgusting hypocrites to the bone.

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