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01 April, 2018

How the US deep state could justify a war with Iran with two consecutive false flag operations

Alert: do not take the following scenario seriously. It's just another 'conspiracy theory'.

With Trump administration being flooded now by agents of the sinister warmongering syndicate, nearly everyone speaks about strong signs that Trump prepares to go to another US dirty war, with Iran as a probable first target. The triplet of mass destruction is ready to take action.

It is characteristic that apart from the mainstream media apparatus, the independent media, and all kinds of analysts across the political spectrum, even the pro-Trump, ultra-conservative Fox News through Tucker Carlson(!) challenged the non-stop-lying John Bolton against his sociopathic obsession for endless wars:

It’s obvious that, as the US history is full of wars based on lies, fabricated facts and tons of propaganda, and the mainstream media reliability drops in record levels, the US deep state will find extremely difficult this time to stage another for-profit-war against any nation.

So, how the US deep state could justify another war under current circumstances? Here is a 'crazy' scenario.

In a first false flag operation, the US intelligence will seek to stage the assassination of one of the most hawkish high-ranking officials in Trump administration. Of course, they will 'discover' pro-Iran 'terrorists' behind this action, or foreign secret agents working with Iran, or find some similar story to put the blame on Iran.

Such an action will give the alibi to the mainstream media to change narratives through a massive brainwash operation which will attempt to distract public away from the warmongers, towards the alleged 'terrorists'. It will also allow the US deep state to proceed in a covert censorship through which anyone who will dare to challenge the narratives will be immediately smeared.

Just watch a similar operation that smells like another false flag, taking place right now. Right after the poisoning(?) of Sergei Skripal, the media rushed to create an anti-Russian hysteria atmosphere, smearing anyone - Jeremy Corbyn among them - who dared to request evidence about Russia's role before that ugly, Hollywood-type 'expelling' spectacle staged by the US/UK axis.

Yet, since such a false flag may still be proved inadequate to convince the public about the necessity of another war, the US deep state may stage a second false flag operation as a 'terrorist attack' inside the US soil and put the blame on some kind of 'Iranian extremists'. For the deep state evil brains US citizens are expendable, after all. Whatever it takes to proceed with their plans.

Also keep in mind that someone can trick you by altering real time camera recordings. The technology exists already at least since 2000.

Under such an environment of covert censorship and extended anti-terrorist measures, resembling a permanent martial law situation, who would dare to challenge warhawks' thirst for another bloody war?

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