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14 April, 2018

How Big Pharma creates entire populations addicted to heroin

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Lee Camp spoke with Mike Papantonio, one of the most famous American lawyers, mostly known for holding big corporations accountable for their actions.

Papantonio made some incredible revelations, especially concerning the Opioid epidemic in the United States and how big pharmaceutical companies and distributors make huge profits from pills that lead big groups of people in US cities become addicted to heroin:

The big distributors are really the drug pushers. They will come to a town like in West Virginia where there are 100,000 people and they will sell three million pills over a period of about a year. So, 100,000 people buy three million pills.

They have somebody who lives in that town, they have what they call a distributor, a detailer living in that town. So, the detailer drives by the pill mills and every morning sees these people lined up around the pill mills, standing in their pajamas at 8 o'clock in the morning, wait and get in to buy the pill.

The Sally distributor who works for McKesson drives by that every day. Sally then goes home and she sees these reports about overdoses in her town. People dying from the drug problem in her town, she has a responsibility to do something, but what she did was she kept quiet about it, she covered it up. She kept selling pills until a town of 100,000 people are buying three million pills.

One of them is an 80 milligram OxyContin. That is the equivalent of 24 Vicodin! They're telling the doctors, 'oh well, it's just fine to give them two a day'. So, a person taking that 80 milligram opioid is taking the equivalent of 48 Vicodin a day under that prescription.

In seven days they're hooked. And once the pill mill closes down, the only thing they can turn to is Fentanyl in heroin. So, that's why you have all these overdoses.

The industry knew exactly what was happening. They even had memos talking about how that was happening, where this was going ahead.

And now, we're dealing with the tale of the problem where people are hooked on heroin because now they're backing out OxyContin and some of these opioids. The only place these people who are physically addicted. They don't want to buy it, their body will die if they don't have it, so, they buy heroin.

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