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20 March, 2018

Ansarullah leader explains how US and UN sandbagged Yemen peace talks

The last thing Saudi Arabia and its Western allies want is a self-sustaining, economically viable, militarily strong, and anti-imperialist Yemen at the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula, controlling the Red Sea and its strategic waterways. Yemen’s geographic placement in regards to the flow of world capital cannot be stressed enough.

by Randi Nord

Part 4 - Controlling the media to humanize war crimes

World powers in the coalition have directly facilitated countless war crimes. Whether they’re bombing civilian homes, running torture centers, restricting humanitarian aid, using internationally-banned weapons, or flooding the country with Blackwater contract mercenaries, every day brings a new tragedy the Yemeni people never deserved.

Al-Houthi explained that the United States, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates dominate international discourse to “humanize” their actions “as if they are defenders of humanity!” He believes they are able to achieve this because the U.S. has power through the media, politics, and economic standing to sway the general narrative and actions of international organizations such as the United Nations.

He pointed to the recent incident when the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, displayed missile fragments, claiming the launch targeting Riyadh had put civilians at risk. However, the UN reported absolutely no civilian casualties for this event. Meanwhile, the Saudi coalition targets civilian homes on nearly a daily basis.

The U.S. and the coalition countries against Yemen appear to be leading the process of caring for civilians and humanitarian work while, in fact, they destroy humanity and kill civilians. Thousands of daily massacres have been committed against Yemeni civilians for three years and they continue to this very moment.

To back this statement, al-Houthi cited the incident of Saudi Arabia blackmailing the UN in order to remove their name from a list of countries responsible for killing children and committing war crimes. Riyadh threatened to withdraw “hundreds of millions” in aid money and sever diplomatic ties with the UN, which forced the previous UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, to remove Saudi Arabia from the list.

In 2014, Saudi Arabia donated $500 million to UN humanitarian relief funds, making it the largest single donor.

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