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07 February, 2018

Trump attacks NHS after Sanders’ successful healthcare discussion

Donald Trump attacked the British NHS by using neoliberal propaganda of the worst type:

For this outrageously false statement, he got a firepower of response from both the British Left and Right because people actually protesting for a better, stronger NHS under public control.

Trump adopted the classic neoliberal narratives that doesn't work anymore, simply because people, especially in the US, experience the disastrous consequences of frenzy privatizations, especially in the healthcare sector.

What does this tell us about Donnie?

Simply, that this is just another evidence of his devotion to the neoliberal regime. In other words, that he is just a reserve, a choice of necessity for the establishment. A demagogue who put the costume of patriotism to attract millions of Americans who got sick of the classic mainstream politicians.

Yet, perhaps the most important question would be: why did Donnie choose this moment to attack one of the most successful national healthcare systems worldwide?

The most probable answer could be related with the discussion about healthcare that took place on Jan 23, 2018 at the National Town Hall in Washington, through which, Bernie Sanders bypassed the corporate media to bring on the table one of the most serious issues for millions of Americans: healthcare as a right for all.

We should probably thank Donald Trump for this reaction because it gives us another strong indication that the establishment narratives and means of propaganda continuously losing ground against the progressive onslaught.

Furthermore, healthcare in the motherlands of neoliberalism is one of the most crucial battlefields that will determine whether the progressive ideas will eventually prevail against its dark successor: corporate neofeudalism. A synchronization of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn in power, with all that popular support, would be probably decisive for the final outcome of this battle.

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