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20 January, 2018

Obama officials admit support of Saudi-led war was a mistake, Trump extends support to the Saudis

Non-stop hypocrisy by the Western media and Washington's hawks

Situation in Yemen is out of control. The continuous blockade of humanitarian aid by the brutal Saudi regime leads to one of the worst humanitarian crises for decades.

Bettina Luescher of the World Food Programme (WFP), reported that it's obviously clear that Yemen is in the grips of the world's biggest hunger crisis. It is really the biggest crisis that we have in the moment anywhere in the world. People who are severely food insecure, approximately 8.4 million. Acutely malnourished children, six months to five years, around 1.8 million. Acutely malnourished pregnant or nursing women, around 1.1 million. This is a nightmare that is happening right now.

The enormous hypocrisy of the Western mainstream media is outrageous. They continuously demonize the Venezuelan government, avoiding to record the right-wing opposition atrocities and the fact that Venezuela has been suffered from a fierce economic war launched by the US. They speak about a humanitarian crisis there, despite that, according to a recent UN inspection, there is no 'humanitarian crisis' in the country.

Yet, they avoid, as much as they can, to refer to the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, caused by the brutal Saudi regime and its allies - that is the US and other authoritarian states of the region. We have to assume that this happens also because the US and the UK are the biggest arms sellers to Saudi Arabia.

So, naturally, the enormous hypocrisy of the US officials is equally outrageous.

As Aaron Maté of the Real News points out, recently, Obama administration officials expressed some regret for what they helped start back in March 2015. Samantha Power, the former US Ambassador to the UN is among those to come out and say "We made a mistake in supporting the Saudi-led war."

Shireen Al-Adeimi, born in Yemen and lived in the United States for 10 years, states:

It's a very hypocritical stance, because these numbers were just as dire when Obama was under control. Maybe we didn't hear about them as much, but people were dying. People were dying of cholera, of violence, and the Saudis were committing air strike after air strike after air strike. Human rights organizations were calling for a halt to US support right from the beginning. It's a bit hypocritical for Obama administrators to now finally say, "Oh, okay, now that this is a Trump war on Yemen, now we're against it."

But nonetheless, we need lawmakers in the Senate and in the House, lawmakers such as Chris Murphy, who have been calling adamantly for US to stop its support of Saudi Arabia military. That's the best hope that we, as Yemenis, have.

The US Army recently just posted on their Twitter page the extent of their support to the Saudi military and it's really astonishing. This includes training, not only refueling airplanes midair, but also repairing those aircrafts and vehicles when they've been damaged in the war, updating them, providing the soldiers with basic training all the way to very sophisticated training.

The US is very heavily involved in the war on Yemen by helping the Saudis. Without them, the Saudis aren't going to be able to continue to wage this war much longer.

Of course, we know, then, there are also weapon shipments that are ongoing and have increased under Trump's administration. The Saudis are very much reliant on US support and that's what needs to stop if we want to see an end to this war.

Real progressives like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard, should join forces immediately with voices like Murphy to end, as soon as possible, any US aid to the Saudi regime and open the road to the UN to provide direct humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen.

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