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14 January, 2018

Donald Trump and the 'shitholes': another ugly show for distraction purposes by the ruthless establishment

Stay tuned for the next ugly show by Donnie ...

Trump grabbed the chance and responded to 'little rocket man' with his 'bigger nuclear button', right about when his administration passed that awful bill that will make his buddies even richer through more tax cuts, at the expense of the American working class, as always.

Suddenly, everyone was occupied with these statements for a while.

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Then, he had to find something more shocking. And he came up with this (utterly disgusting, indeed) statement about those 'shithole' countries. Why? Probably because of another awful bill that he passed with the help of the corporate Democrats, who voted to give him vast warrantless spying powers.

And the liberal media actually love such statements by Trump, because they end up to become the perfect decoy. The most disgusting the statement the better because it's much easier for them to grab the pass and score. That is, to distract the American public and the world from these awful bills promoted by Trump administration.

Which is actually another proof that Trump, GOP, the corporate Democrats, the mainstream media, the deep state and the plutocracy are all in bed together, shaping the neocon/neoliberal establishment ugly monster.

So, every time you hear and read about another disgusting statement by Donnie, just check out which awful bill has passed under your nose, usually with the help of the corporate Democrats, because you won't see it in the mainstream news.

So, here is the real game --- one 'shtihole'-type statement and presto: the entire world is coordinated automatically away from the bills passed by Trump administration. Yet, those bills may have some extremely serious impact on people's lives, not only inside the US, as they may become the blueprint for further totalitarian measures by many countries around the globe.

So, let's review quickly what the 'anti-establishment' (what a joke) Donnie did so far:

- Literally hired Goldman Sachs to run USA.

- Signed a bill to deregulate again Wall Street, so that the parasites of the financial mafia to be able to play their games at the expense of the majority, as happened so many times in the past, causing big financial crises.

- Quickly aligned with the neocon agenda and bombed Syria. In fact, the Donald did even more than the puppet of the establishment, Barack Obama, by provoking dangerously war games in Asia-Pacific.

- Maintained US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, continued the US interference in Yemen and elsewhere.

- Pursued a totally unacceptable health care program that will push millions of Americans further to the cliff, without even a rudimentary social safety net.

- Continued to hunt fiercely all Whistleblowers.

- Passed more tax-cuts for the plutocracy.

- Passed a bill that will give him vast warrantless spying powers.

Stay tuned for the next ugly show by Donnie ...

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