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23 October, 2017

US displeased with Al Jazeera for planning to air documentary supporting that 9/11 was a false flag operation

The WIKILEAKS Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD) holds the world's largest searchable collection of United States confidential, or formerly confidential, diplomatic communications. As of April 8, 2013 it holds 2 million records comprising approximately 1 billion words. The collection covers US involvements in, and diplomatic or intelligence reporting on, every country on earth. It is the single most significant body of geopolitical material ever published. The PlusD collection, built and curated by WikiLeaks, is updated from a variety of sources, including leaks, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and documents released by the US State Department systematic declassification review.

A cable back in September 9, 2008, depicts the US intense dissatisfaction for the intention of Al Jazeera to air "a German program presenting conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks." Furthermore, the US intense pressure forced Al Jazeera Director General to ensure that "the narration would make it clear to viewers that these were conspiracy theories that the documentary would serve to discredit."

In the comments we read that:

           The fact that Al Jazeera has decided to air this "documentary" demonstrates that the channel continues to indulge intermittently in sensationalism that will win no allies in its bid to expand into North American markets. Such actions could well reinforce the belief that Al Jazeera is more interested in feeding stereotypes than countering them.

Key points:

- PAO [Public Affairs Office] telephoned Al Jazeera Director General Wadah Khanfar on September 3, requesting an explanation of a promotion aired on Al Jazeera Arabic that day for a program that will run September 10 on the Al Jazeera Documentary channel called "The Other September." According to the promotion, the program will present alternate theories about the 9/11 attacks against the United States.

- Khanfar replied that he had not actually seen the documentary, which was produced by a German company, but that he had directed the AJ Documentary staff to provide a narrative voice-over that was "editorially balanced." Asked what that meant, Khanfar said the narration would make it clear to viewers that these were conspiracy theories that the documentary would serve to discredit.

Searching the web, we found that the cable probably refers to a 2008 German production documentary (above), which allegedly presents some evidence towards the theory that 9/11 was actually a false flag operation.

The cable is quite interesting because it reinforces the impression that there was an ongoing underground war between Al Jazeera and US officials concerning 9/11 documentaries that were far from the US official line. Recall that, only two weeks later, another cable intended to point out the US intense dissatisfaction about another 9/11 documentary aired by Al Jazeera, as well as secure some assurances that the channel would broadcast "appropriate documentaries" about 9/11 in the future.

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