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18 September, 2017

Nightmares of the close future: kids as the most suitable military drone operators

Andrew Feinstein, anti arms trade campaigner and author of the book "Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade", spoke to The Real News about the war crimes by US military drones and the way that the military targets kids as the most suitable drone operators:

A film is being made called Drone about the way in which, particularly the American military, but also British and European militaries, have been targeting kids, effectively, at gaming fairs because the skills that are used in gaming are very similar to the skills needed by drone operators.

The consequence of this is that you are taking something that is supposed to be harmless and you are using it as a training ground for the killing of other human beings. In other words, what we are doing is we are taking everyday activities, we are turning them into murder, and we are normalizing them. I think perhaps more than anything else, this shows the terrifying and deadly effect of drone and robotic warfare, which unfortunately looks as though it's going to be a part of our future.

P.W. Singer, author of 'Wired for War' says:

There is always been a connection between the world of war and the world of entertainment. I call this phenomenon Militainment, where the military world is actually now pulling tools from the world of entertainment to do its job better. The military has invested in creating video games that they are using as recruiting tools.

With computer technology progressing with such speeds, Virtuality will reach unprecedented levels to the point that it will be difficult for the human mind to separate the real world from the virtual world.

Then, we may see an even more horrific scenario coming out from our most Dystopian nightmares: kids playing video games, connected with real killings through drone strikes. The corporate-militant sick minds will save themselves from unnecessary, costly recruitment, or even from people who will testify about their guilt and their nightmares. All they will have to do, is to feed new generations with the ultimate drug of the future: more and more advanced video games.

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