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19 September, 2017

A disease associated with poverty reappears in the US after decades

Richard Wolff reveals another shocking fact showing that poverty and inequality have been growing continuously inside the obsolete capitalist system.

A recent study reveals that a disease related to poverty has returned to the United States:

A study carried out by the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, in conjunction with the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise (ACRE), found that a disease - associated throughout the history of medicine with poverty - has resurfaced in the United States, decades after it was officially announced to have been eradicated.

The disease is called Hookworm, an intestinal parasite that thrives on extreme poverty.

The study found that in the state of Alabama, which is where this study was conducted, there are all kinds of incidences of Hookworm that we thought we had eradicated. In a survey of people, living in Lowndes County, which is a county in Alabama, an area with a long history of racial discrimination and inequality, 34% of the people tested positive for traces of Hookworm. A third of the people.

If you want signs that the so-called economic recovery from the crash of 2008 has been a very variegated business, some people, the rich and large have recovered and the rest of us haven't, here is another statistic that drives that point home. Poverty has returned of a kind we thought we had eradicated, and with it, come diseases like Hookworm.

This is just another index that destroys the fairy tale of the alleged prosperity created by 'free market' capitalism.

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