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06 July, 2017

Capitalism's insanity: Bezos earned in one day as much as an Indian Amazon worker would earn in 1,001,430 years!

India has become the second largest online hub for Amazon, a US-based global e-commerce conglomerate. It is reported that it supplies 35 million products all over the country with 41 fulfillment centres across 13 Indian states.

With packing workers making $233 per month, it is no wonder the corporate giant wants to expand operations in India. Bezos made $2.8 billion in one day earlier in June after announcing Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods. It would take an Indian Amazon worker 1,001,430 years to make the same amount.

With a monthly income of just $233, purchasing food, shelter, and necessities is nearly impossible. A cheap new compact car costs $5,000, nearly double a warehouse worker’s annual wage of $2,796.

On the evening of April 27, Jeff Bezos made $3.3 billion in after-hours trading within the span of a few hours. For an Indian Amazon warehouse worker to make what Bezos made per minute—$24,000—he or she would have to labor 8 years, over one-tenth of the average Indian life expectancy of 68 years. Put another way, Bezos made as much each second ($396) as an Indian Amazon warehouse worker makes in 7 weeks.

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