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23 March, 2017

Gesine Schwan: Schauble wanted and wants to overthrow SYRIZA

Gesine Schwan gave an interview to Τageszeitung with references in Greece. Schwan is a historical member of SPD, Political Theory Professor at the Free University of Berlin and influential personality of the German left intelligentsia. "I believe that the Greek people will not give up. The German government policy strongly harmed Greece,” she says characteristically.

Schwan accused Schauble, concerning the Greek debt issue, saying that “Schauble does not have a rational, economic perspective for the country. He is only interested to overthrow SYRIZA. This is what he always wanted and still wants. His actions are deeply ideological. For that reason we must achieve a governmental change in Germany, this Autumn.

In another question on whether she sees a repeat of the situation of summer 2015, Schwan says: “Theoretically yes. Yet, the fear for a breakup of Europe itself, especially after the decision of Great Britain for Brexit, is now bigger.

Under these circumstances, Schwan estimates that Schauble's persistence on a rhetoric about Brexit has nothing positive to bring to the whole discussion. She even describes this stance as "unreasonable" from an economic perspective and "authoritarian" from a legal one.

"We have to press them", Schauble claims, but Schwan estimates that through this way, Germany will not take back the money lent to Greece. Besides, as she notes: "Until now we have not paid anything to Greece, we have just guaranteed".

Therefore, she estimates that the SPD leader, Martin Schulz, will say straight to the German citizens that the German government is finally the one who "puts in risk the taxpayers' money", through the policy that follows on the Greek issue.


Blog comment: we seriously doubt on whether Martin Schulz will follow a different policy in case he elected. Unfortunately, the key decisions in Germany and the EU have been delivered to the bankers and the lobbyists. The German big capital and especially the export capital is gaining significantly from the crisis and the differences between the surplus Germany and the high deficit countries in the eurozone.

The European oligarchy would like to see the Greek experiment completed and expanded because it would mean zero taxes for them, loot of public property, slavery conditions for the workers.

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