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10 March, 2017

Election of Tom Perez to DNC chair shows the DNC establishment has learned nothing

Failing to learn from the humiliating losses of the last election, establishment Democrats continue to cater to their oligarchical donors while rejecting the party’s progressive base and its future.

By Whitney Webb

Part 4 - Putting the oligarchy ahead of the voter base

After winning the election for DNC chair, Perez quickly called for unity, promising to fight for all Democrats and “change the culture of the Democratic Party and the DNC.

However, as evidenced by his behavior in the 2016 primary and in his bid to become DNC chair, Perez is unfit to change the very establishment DNC culture from which he directly benefits.

While some notable Democrats have recognized that “the party is on life support,” most establishment Democrats, despite the obvious and glaring failures of DNC policies, continue to refuse to acknowledge the reality of their dire situation.

Indeed, Ellison’s recent loss has further galvanized dissatisfied progressives in their efforts to leave the party en masse, as evidenced by the resurgence of the hashtag “DemExit.”

By alienating Ellison and Sanders supporters, the Democrats have chosen to follow the same course that has led them to ruin, all in the name of the DNC establishment’s veneration of its oligarchical donors over the voices of its voter base.


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