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09 March, 2017

3D printers print an entire house in 24 hours!

Well, we might not have feasible jet packs, hoverboards, or Robocops just yet, but the world is on its way to the future with this inexpensive 3D printed house.

Shared via a recent post on Design Boom, Russian 3D printing company Apis Cor debuted their first successful on-site 3D print of an entire house using a rotating printer that can be set up in about an hour for each build. The printer itself runs similarly to the desktop plastic ones we’re familiar with except that, instead of printing things in PVC, the Apis Cor printer uses a special concrete mix to build up layers. The company claims that minimal human interaction is needed with each build. However things like placing the fiberglass supports (similar to rebar) during the print at set intervals, installing the roof, and putting the finishing touches on it still need the gentle non-robotic finesse of a human being.

The really impressive part of a 3D printed house like this is the cost. Normally, when we see processes like this on the internet it serves as some proof of concept with a sentence or two explaining how designers “hope to make it affordable down the line.” But with Apis Cor, the final price tag is actually pretty comparable to modern building costs. The 38-square-meter house (that’s 409 square feet) shown in the video above comes in at just over $10,000 USD from start to finish. And it’s not just for just the concrete shell. This house–that could be put on most credit card balances–includes the foundation, roof, wall insulation, windows, floors, suspended ceiling, and finishing for both the inner and outer walls.

We don’t entirely see these sort of houses peppering the landscape any time soon, but with the ease of use in their construction and the low cost of labor, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apis Cor is the first of many building companies to begin implementing this sort of tech more often.

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           The moment machines pass the Turing test properly, and you pick up the phone and you do not know whether the person you are talking to is a human being or a machine˙ the moment we are going to have 3D printers operating as public utilities - you can send any blueprint to it and it can print from one pin to a motorcycle, or to a car - the moment that this happens, we have not just a process of Schumpeterian creative destruction, but we have a process where economies of scale and the whole logic of corporate Capitalism collapses. [fa.ev/vaitt]

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